Cancer is a disease that is usually caused because of auto immune disorder and when the cells that are present in the body start behaving abnormally. There are also many other causes of cancer. Each cancer that occurs can be due to many reasons. These causes of cancer should be known by all people because it helps to take preventive action and protect oneself from getting cancer.

Lung cancer is a very common kind of cancer. The cancer can occur primarily in the lungs or the cancer can be spread from other primary foci and the lungs can be affected secondarily. Many people have the lungs as the primary foci of cancer.

The common causes of lung cancer are all listed in this article:

1. Smoking:

Smoking is one of the most important causes of cancer. There are different kinds of smoking that people resort to. Some people think that only cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, but it is absolutely wrong. Any kind of smoking including smoking with hookah, cigars and even beedis can cause lung cancer. The chances of lung cancer occurring in a person who is used to smoking increases rapidly and the risk is more when the person increases the number of cigarettes that are smoked in a day.

2. Passive smoking:

Other than the active smoking, passive smoking also causes lung cancer. There are different groups of people who are prone to passive smoking. People working in the office of a person who smokes can be at risk of passive smoking. A person who is a family member of a person who smokes regularly is also at risk of lung cancer. The smokers should try to avoid smoking in places where other people are present, leading to risk for the others.

3. Asbestos dust:

Other than the active and passive smoking, the asbestos dust is the one that causes lung cancer. The people who are working in places of asbestos manufacturing or those who are living in houses where the asbestos is used as roof are all likely to have a higher risk of lung cancer. The asbestos dust can also cause various other lung problems other than the lung cancer.

4. Air pollution:

The air pollution that we see around us can not only cause damage to the environment, but they can also cause damage to the lungs and increase the risk of cancer. Air pollution contains various kinds of gases that are released from vehicles and also other industries. This can lead to entry of these gases into the lungs when we breathe and this can be the cause for lung cancer.

5. Radon gas:

One of the products that are derived from Uranium is the radon gas and this is very likely in military installations as the Uranium is used in nuclear reactors and so the radon gas can lead to lung cancer.

These are some of the major causes of lung cancer. There are also other causes that can lead to lung cancer including family history and other kinds of lung diseases.

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