Proper skin care is very important to have a glowing and lovely skin. After all, it's the skin that is apparent and you will be noticed once your skin is good enough to get others attention. Note that I am not talking about fair complexion but a skin that is glowing regardless of its color. Though facial skin is the most apparent but you must not forget the other skin areas as they deserve the same amount of care and attention. Having a smooth and lovely skin is the desire of every woman and even men are not behind in this race. Every one desires to have a shiny skin in today's age of pollution and infections.

In today's world when half of your life is passed under sun you must not forget the damaging effects it put on your skin. Since it is quite possible to avoid harmful effects of sun's ultraviolet rays thus you must not delay it and take every possible remedy to protect your skin. Here are a few tips you must consider; after all it is the matter of your skin care.

First of all, increase your water intake. Half of our skin issues are due to low water consumption. We must try to drink as many glasses of water per day as we can and must not forget the conventional saying of '8 glasses per day' as it really has its worth.

Next is to pay attention to the skin care products you buy from the market. Go for natural and herbal remedies rather than going for the products rich in chemical compounds. Avoid products having heavy metals as its ingredients especially hydroquinone This will only aggravate your skin conditions, if you have any or will produce some for you, if you don't have them.

Select a good sunscreen from a good skin care products shop so as to prevent your skin from being directly exposed to the sun. If you have used sunscreen before you must know that good sunscreens have some points representing sun protection factor and you must not choose one having a number less than 15, no matter what complexion you have.

Pay attention to what you eat and drink. Other than drinking more water take healthy and balanced diet. Avoid too much oily and fatty food items rather increase the intake of fruits and vegetables especially those having water content in them. This will give you a shining and glowing skin.

Leave or lessen bad habits of smoking, alcohol and drugs for the sake of your skin. They are not only bad for your overall health but are also known to contribute towards your acne and pimples. Stay as far away as possible from them to stay happy and live a healthy life. Remember they are doing you no good.

Sleep well. This may sound a repetitive tip however there is not a good way to keep your skin fresh than to take proper and comfortable sleep. Take 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily because proper sleep keeps you fresh and thus have positive effect on your skin too.

Exercising is also a good way to keep your skin fresh. Accompanying healthy and balanced diet with regular exercise will bring wonders for your skin. If your body is not used to exercising, start slow and increase your exercise intensity day by day. This will help you stay on track.

Always use good quality make up products. Since you wear makeup for a longer time and having low quality products will only increase the chances of skin infections, thus it is very important to be sure of the product's quality before you buy it. Another important aspect to keep in mind in this regard is always making sure you remove your makeup before going to bed. It helps avoid dark circles and black spots and also give you a fresh sleep.

If you detect any skin condition, treat it immediately. Acne is one of the most common facial skin issues faced by adults and teens alike. Don't let it aggravate by ignoring it and not taking care of it properly. You may also have black spots or so whereas a bit severe skin conditions include eczema and ringworms. See a good dermatologist if skin condition persist even after initial treatment.

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