"Health is Wealth" - It is a simple sentence but its sense and meaning is so tremendous and deep. Through the years, in societies all over the world, health has become synonymous and equivalent to the value of wealth. There is syllogism and analogy between the two different concepts. Health is as valuable as money. Without it we surely will not be able enjoy anything in life. . We will not be able to appreciate the beauty of each day and live up to acknowledge the joys that come to even the simplest encounters with family and friends.

When we say "Health is Wealth" does it imply that it means only our physical well being? Or does it deal with the entire gamut of our physical as well as mental balance? There is the peculiar case of a jogger who succumbed to a massive heart attack while he was jogging. He even wrote a book on "How to jog your way to health". But the irony is that he just concentrated on his physical health and forgot all about his mental well being. This raises a pertinent question question. Whether we can have one without the other or do we need to balance both our Physical as well as Mental self to achieve perfect harmony in health? If we cogitate deep on the subject, we reach the obvious conclusion that to reach the pinnacle of our health we need to coalesce together the harmonies of our body, mind and soul.

Having the best physique does not connote they have the best intellect too. These are 2 different departments which need to be taken care separately. There are things to be done to satiate our mental/ physical thirst. An early morning walk can re-energize your physical/ mental spirits. It is cathartic. As the first rays of the sun grace your presence, you feel the energy revitalizing every cell in your body. This is the best way to start ones' day on a high energy note. This is one of the keys to good health. Starting the day early on a bright note definitely helps in carrying that energy throughout the day. According to researchers at the University of California, one of the Principle causes of deterioration of the human organism's physical faculties is its diminished ability to metabolize glucose. And they showed that even leisurely exercise, like taking a walk, plays an important role in keeping glucose metabolism functioning smoothly. Therefore regular exercise, of any kind, is imperative for maintaining good health.

Like our body, we need to constantly exercise our mind too. The best way to keep our mind healthy is to propitiate positive thinking and explore, expand and create new vistas of creative thinking. Like food for our body, we need to provide food for the mind and soul too. Meditation, Listening to soul searching music, reading a good book and indulging in all the things that brings us peace and happiness goes a long way in maintaining our mental equilibrium. As the old adage goes "A Healthy mind has got a healthy body".

Nowadays lifestyle diseases are on the surge. In every family we can find one person affected with diabetes, hypertension or some other life style diseases. Why is it happening? We all live in a highly volatile and stressed environment. It is a battlefield out there. From being bogged down in traffic jams to avoiding the ubiquitous cyclist/ motorists to dealing with other myriad stressed up people have made our lives very challenging. The onus is on us to find and do things that balance us instigates inner peace and harmony. There is no way we can change the world. But atleast we can change the way we perceive the world around us. There is a huge difference between the two. Life is not about merely being alive but it is more about being healthy and able to enjoy all the good things that it has to offer.

In the United States of America, the major criterion for presidential candidature is fitness. The candidates will have to prove that they are in their prime health by running a distance. They truly believe in the significance of health in nation building.

It is true that for the well being of society it is much important to have people who are healthy and happy to contribute their might and intellect towards the betterment of humanity.

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