A healthy lifestyle in today's world is an unseen or rather an ignored boon. Just pick up a newspaper to read and apart from the regular political updates and some major sneak peaks in gourmet world, business, sports and some highlights of celebrity world, there is an additional section completely devoted to health. Of course, health - the only word that stands ignored in the cosmopolitan world that we live in. There is so much to rush into these days, our jobs, kids, social life, religion calls, unplanned activities and much more, that we often forget that the body that our life survives on is also somewhat like a machine. It needs care, It needs frequent servicing and above all, it too needs to be pampered in a healthy way. I could probably relate to these exhaustive sections in the newspapers detailing on what to have and what not to when it comes to food is because I have been one of those for whom food merely meant satisfying those tingling sensations of taste buds rather than satiating an appetite. Foods that just stopped right at satiating those cravings, those pangs of hunger but never went beyond to do any good on health grounds. If you just take a look at the many employees who work in corporate, you would find almost 90% binging on fat foods and soft drinks to immediately push off the work tensions and just enjoy those deliciously buttered pizzas flooding with more cheese and less steamy vegetables or some chunks of roasted chicken or mutton or even to gulp down the nightmares those project deadlines give with those huge mugs of chilled beer! Whatever, the tensions do go, but return with a greater ferocity by adding the health woes as well to the already existing list of Pandora boxes. And then the bills keep coming. More and more than before!

'Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle' is like trying to immediately rectify a damage done and then reverting back to the unhealthy one even before the damage diminishes. And it is here I remember a saying 'Never let a small problem become a big problem. Because, once the problem becomes big, it will become a snowball and you won't realize what just came and hit you!'. So what should be those small steps towards leading a healthy life so that the small reversible damages don't snowball into something big and irreversible? What does it take to live healthy? Is it food, sleep or both? Or is it more about the discipline and the will to follow a fixed schedule that makes you feel good. Let's find out!

Be the early bird!
The early bird always catches its worm! Remember! When people say, 'Aah the sleeping quota is not yet over. I am still groggy!', it just means no more than 'I am too lazy for any activity now'. And that happens more often when the tail is still not on fire! So if you want to catch some good sleep, you might as well want to sleep early. Let the habit form and all the good dreams will follow. And they say, 'the beginning is difficult'. Of course, it is meant to be and that's what makes the waking up even more challenging and fun. For just one day, ignore the snooze and press confirm and get out of that cozy slumber that is more out of sheer laziness than lack of sleep. The difference in the day will be evident and will be for good.

Engage the body, the mind will follow!
The next step is to drive away the lethargy that has been dominating the body and the mind. Splash your face with cold water and take a look around. Maybe your new sneakers can do the job for you, something that you have been eager to put on but haven't found the right time as yet! A brisk walk of 30 minutes will ensure that your body sweats out all those extra calories ingested the day before and will further make sure, your brain remains stimulated all day along. If walking is not a feasible option, do surya namaskar at least ten times at a stretch. But be sure to go very slow in yogic exercises because, that is where the yoga works. The slower you do, better will be your results. The first physical activity in your day ensures that your mind is not controlled by the whims and fancies of your body.

Eat well, eat healthy!
Food is an essential ingredient to healthy living. When people rush for crash diet courses, I just wonder why? Why to compromise on food to reduce the extra flabs? Because, even proteins, fats and carbohydrates are as vital as your vitamins and minerals. So how do you start with? After your morning chores, gulp down 2 glasses of water. Then after getting ready for your day, a healthy heavy breakfast is mandatory. A boiled egg with a glass of milk or a buttered sandwich with some beverage (tea or coffee) will do best. Otherwise, the traditional Idli/Dosa/Poha/Upma are also some of the other alternatives that fill in. However, avoid having confectionary items in the breakfast. Precisely, because your breakfast must be wholesome and not just sugar and fat! Lunch and Dinner must be wholesome and healthy starting right with a lot of salads, and containing wheat, rice, lentils, vegetables/meat and a dessert (which is an optional choice, yet which marks the perfect ending to a hearty meal). Remember, meals should never be skipped. Your body needs fuel too!

Water is life!
And as you start your day, make sure you carry a big water bottle always. Water is one of those crucial five elements that breathes life into us. Keep drinking water at regular intervals as not only does it hydrate the body and the skin but also calms down those jittery nerves and hormonal surges and helps one overcome the impulsive urges to react in situations that need more of patience. Also, it gives you a glowing skin, free of cost, wherein you really don't have to get your wallet pinched for expensive moisturisers and creams. Besides, splash your face with chilled water whenever you feel you need a power break. The fresh feel of that cold water splattering your face cools the head and makes you feel better. After all, a cool head is all that matters when you are at work.

What are your hobbies?
After a hectic day at work, when you are physically and mentally tired, relaxation is definitely on cards. You need something to rejuvenate your senses and make you feel, 'Aah, I need to enjoy now!'. When I mean enjoyment I do not mean watching soaps or sitcoms or busy social networking. Here, I mean hobbies and activities that keep your body busy along with your mind. Any hobby for that matter, which gives you time to tend to yourself alone, like say, playing guitar or some games or even singing or dancing. Any activity which gives you pleasure and contentment and prepares you for a sound sleep sans tensions and apprehension is good. And that is why they say hobbies are important. Not only while you are working, but also when you approach the fag end of your career, you always must have something interesting to do which will give you a purpose to live life to fullest and not just to survive.

Sleep like a baby so that you can work like a man!
And as the day ends, nothing like snuggling cosily in your blanket to dream big and good! Yes, nothing in the world beats a good sound sleep and in today's world, it feels to be gifted enough to have a good sleep. Put on some light classical music while you sleep. Music is a brain stimulator. It calms your nerves and helps you sleep peacefully. Also make sure you have enough water before you sleep. And last but not the least, do not forget to pray if you are not an atheist. There is no harm in sparing few minutes to remember the Creator before your day blooms into next. Isn't it?

So these were some candid tips to leading a healthy lifestyle. The only sole and the first mantra for taking the big step towards adapting a healthy lifestyle is to be the tortoise. Go slow and steady. What I mean by going slow, is to not expect fast results. Just work out and savour the taste of success that comes slow, yet steady and will stay with you as long as you intend to keep it!

Cheers to a healthy living and God bless...!!

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