The exposure to the sun and the harmful rays are the most common methods of injury to the skin. Any person who wants to prevent damage to the skin should primarily make sure that they are no exposed to the sun. As the exposure to the sun increases, the risk of the problems of the skin, including those like skin cancer increases. It is very important to prevent these problems from occurring.

There are a group of people who are more at risk of being affected from these problems and these people should take more care than the others in the effort to prevent the skin cancer and other problems. The group of those who are at risk of suffering from skin cancer and skin problems are :

Fair skinned:

Those who have less melanin in the skin are those who are mainly at risk of being affected by cancer. The reason for this is that this group of people who are fair and have less pigmentation in their skin cannot protected from the ultra violet rays that can damage the skin. So, they should make sure that they protect themselves much more than the people who are not fair skinned.

Outdoor people:

If the person is one who does a lot of outdoor activities, then there is a high risk of the sun and the ultra violet rays affecting the person. This is because the duration for which the person is exposed to the sun and the rays of the sun are very high. As the time of exposure to the sun increases, the person will have more damage occurring to the skin.

Family history:

Any person who already has a family history of skin problems should be very careful because it affects the person much more. Make sure that you are safe and try to avoid activities in the sun.

UV Rays:

There are certain areas where the ultra violet rays are very high. These people who are in areas where the ultra violet rays are concentrated should be more careful not to get exposed to the sun's rays without any protection. The mountain regions and also the area near the equator are the places where the rays will be very strong and the risk also increases proportionately.


There are some people who have to use certain medications. When the person uses these medications, the risk of skin cancer and other skin problem will increase. This is because the skin will have increased sensitivity due to these medications and they will be able to absorb more of the rays of the sun.

There are some people who go out to sunbathe and also expose themselves to the sun and the rays. This causes a high risk of cancer of the skin. It is best to protect oneself before venturing out into the sun. There are also people who use tanning booths. Other people may use sun lamps. Each of these can help in preventing the sun's rays from falling on the skin. These will help to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Making sure that these high risk groups do not venture too much into the sun will help prevent skin problems. Even if people do need to go out to work in the peak hours, they should use varies protective creams and other things that will reduce the entry of the harmful rays into the skin.

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