With the passage of time, people are becoming more health conscious as they realize that unhealthy lifestyle leads towards lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart problems etc. There is a constant search for food items that can help ensure healthy living. Recently, green tea has been identified as one of those items. It is becoming quite popular among masses due to its amazing health benefits. Research has proved that drinking 3 to 4 green tea cups a day would bring you extraordinary benefits and ensure healthy living. Following are a few health benefits of green tea:

Green Tea as an Anti-Aging Agent:
Having anti-oxidant properties due to the presence of polyphenols, green tea is widely known to fight against free radicals which make it an anti-aging agent. It prevents wrinkles from appearing on the skin too early.

Weight Loss:
In today's world where every next person is fighting weight, green tea is not less than a blessing. Since it boosts metabolism it is known to burn 70 calories per day, contributing towards your weight loss efforts.

Due to the fact that green tea helps maintaining metabolism it also helps maintain blood sugar level by improving the metabolism of lipid and glucose, thus helping diabetics. It comes as a relief for diabetic patients.

Reduce Cancer Risk:
Vitamin C and E are known to help reduce the risk of cancer whereas anti-oxidant in green tea is more effective than both of these vitamins when it comes to helping your body fight and prevent cancer.

Green Tea and Stroke:
Since green tea is known to reduce cholesterol levels therefore it is quite helpful in lowering the risk of stroke. Moreover, green tea is known to help heart recover faster after a heart attack by expediting the heart cells recovery.

Skin Care:
Green tea has properties that help skin prevent wrinkles and make it glow. It is also known to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Green tea is a good remedy for skin issues.

Healthy Bones:
Due to the fact that green tea is rich in fluoride it helps make bones stronger. If taken regularly, green tea improves bone density and preserves it.

Green tea lowers the risk of arthritis by destroying the enzyme that is known to damage cartilage. Thus it is quite popular among arthritis patients.

Sharpen the Memory:
Green tea is known to boost memory and also helps prevent Alzheimer's.

Prevent High Blood Pressure:
By repressing angiotens, main cause of high blood pressure, green tea helps lower high blood pressure.

Strong Immunity System:
Green tea being rich in polyphenols and flavenoids improve the immunity system which in turn can better fight the infections and different diseases.

Cold and Flu:
If you are suffering from common cold and flu, drinking green tea would help you get rid of it faster since green tea contains vitamin C.

Relieving Stress:
Presence of L-theanine amino acids in green tea makes it helpful when it comes to relieving stress and anxiety.

Treating Asthma:
For those who are suffering from severe asthma good news is that green tea helps reduce its intensity and severity by relaxing muscles and supporting bronchial tubes, thanks to the presence of Theophylline.

Prevent Tooth Decay:
By destroying disease causing bacteria and viruses, green tea helps prevent tooth decay and bad breath.

Ear Infection:
Green tea is a natural remedy for ear infection problem. If you have a minor ear infection or even for natural cleaning of ear, soaking cotton ball in green tea and cleaning the infected part could be helpful.

Relieving Allergies:
Green tea has EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) that helps relieve allergies.

There are numerous other advantages of drinking green tea as identified by research so if you don't have a cup of green tea in your hand right now, go get it and make it your habit to have 3 to 4 cups of green tea daily so as to reap its health benefits.

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