We have so many food options available to us in today's world. Some of them are good for health whereas some are not. What you choose to eat will decide your health and affect your overall performance thereof thus it is very important to go for healthy options.

One of the best food options we have in this day and age of processed foods is organic foods. You cannot downplay the role of naturally grown foods in your overall health. What is regarded as the best of foods is organic foods and they are also the rarest of foods. For the sake of mass production to feed the growing human population, we have forgotten the importance of quality. Over the years, food quality has gone down and this means the human race has had to deal with more health challenges than any other time in history. Growing of food naturally is not only good to the body; it is also good for the environment.

Organic foods have the advantage of being very nutritious as the growth of these foods is not assisted by fertilizers or pesticides. They have not been biologically altered for mass production and this means the total amount of organic foods being grown is very little. This makes organic food very expensive. Organic animal produce comes from those animals that have not been treated using antibiotics and have been fed organic foods. They have not been biologically engineered as well and this means their produce is natural and high quality.

Just how is organic food good for our health? Well, you will learn the importance of organic food by looking at the folly of the other kinds of foods. First, when pesticides are used to control pests, most of it goes into the plant and reduces its nutritional value. This is the reason why "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" doesn't apply as much as it used to. Non-organic foods are full of chemical pesticides and preservatives. Someone once said jokingly, that we all want the juicy red apples in the market; those that pests were even afraid of eating. If pests fall down the moment they touch the apple, what makes anyone think that it is good for human health? In the absence of pesticides and preservatives plants develop their own natural immunity and take care of themselves. They may be attacked by pests here and there but not as much. Either way their nutritional value is better than non-organic foods.

The benefit to the environment comes when the pesticides are not used to grow these plants. This means that the quality of the soil is preserved and there is no contamination of the rivers by the affluence. There is less waste when using natural faming since less energy is utilized, this works well to keep the balance in the environment. There is less output but the quality is very high. Interestingly, even with the low costs of cultivation, these foods are some of the most expensive because of the low output per hectare. In the quest to invest in your health, you must eat organic foods. Buying them everyday may not make financial sense in the long run but if you can be able to grow some of them in your vegetable garden, you can have steady supply. Organic farmers are many and buying foods directly from them is one of the options.

So not only beneficial to your health but also good for the environment, organic food will ensure less chemicals travel through your body thus ensuring healthy you. You will no more be afraid of pesticides you may be eating along with the fruits and vegetables and this thing will ensure nutritious value of the food. Organic food is your key to good health, not to forget the benefit it does to the environment.

In summary, I would like to jot down some of the properties of organic foods:

• Organic food is nutritious
• Organic food is free from chemicals and is natural
• No artificial sweeteners or preservatives.
• Good for health, good for environment
• Expensive but worthy
• Not grown on mass levels
• Organic animal produce is of super high quality.

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