I was looking for a new shower head when I stumbled upon a product that made me think twice about shower heads. The page said "This week sees the launch of the world's first anti bacterial and energy saving showerhead. Designed and manufactured in the UK and now available from specialist distributor Eco Promotion"

Whilst we may believe the showerheads in our bathrooms to be clean, recent scientific research has proven quite the opposite. An in-depth study has revealed that over 30% of domestic showerheads tested were dirty, harbouring high amounts of unpleasant and potentially dangerous bacterial slime with the ability to cause serious health problems.

Apparently by simply using a dirty shower head you could be infecting yourself with a daily dose of bacteria, harmful enough to cause extreme sickness. The most common and dangerous offenders typically include Bacteria Fungi, MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella, Pseudamona, Legionella as well as other dangerous and potentially deadly viruses and diseases.

Although this new Aqui v8 anti-scale shower body and rose are made from ABS anti bacterial plastic. Specially designed with no moving parts this quality product is robust and reliable offering maximum durability and lifespan. Designed and manufactured in the UK incorporating patented volumizer technology these units work efficiently with a reduced water flow whilst at the same time maintaining the high level of performance expected of today's shower systems.

Well needless to say I went out and bought one! This eco friendly world we seem to be becoming actualy benefits my bills!

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