Gone are the days when women used to just take care of her family and household chores by ignoring her own health. In the old era, women were actually least bothered about her health, which resulted in causing severe diseases, types of deficiencies etc.

As the time passed by, greater knowledge towards health and change in lifestyle bought several major changes which resulted in betterment of women health and additionally raised alarm against many non-detectable diseases. Not only the women benefitted from health awareness but also the young generation including men and children as well.

Although, it is not correct to say that in 21st century the proper health is being managed because in the fast moving pace nobody has time for themselves. Women still are more prone to many such diseases which are severe and works as a slow poison.

Some very common nutritional deficiencies are Iron deficiency, Calcium deficiency, and several other macro-nutrients which in absence causes severe deficiencies and ultimately leads to some or the other major diseases. Since ages we all know how cautious women are for their looks, and market is full of such products which promises to cure the skin problem or the complexion or any such problem related to beautification.

But have we ever thought that why is it necessary to buy such costly products which in return gives 0% results, why can't the skin problems be treated naturally?

Well obviously who does not want to look best every time or who does not want a flawless skin? The thing is it can be achieved very easily and without using such beauty products just by following some basic principles daily.

It is very important for a women to include the following in their diet so as to avoid skin damage and keeping themselves agile all time.

• Selenium
• Vitamin-E
• Carotenoids
• Vitamin-C

Selenium: Selenium exists naturally in soil and passes into the roots of grains and vegetables, nourishing the plant as it grows and protecting your body after you eat it. Likewise, whole wheat bread hold nearly 50 mg of selenium, so choosing whole wheat bread over white bread is best choice one should make. As whole grain products are not just satisfying, they are really much healthy and a better option for you.

Vitamin-E: They are found in natural oils of beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains of wheat. Basically, vitamin-E is a potent antioxidant helps in over coming various skin related problems. Consumption of brown rice, broccoli, soybeans, raw spinach, etc are the best sources of vitamin-E.

Carotenoids- Adding carotenoids in your diet are highly beneficial in order to combat ageing problems. Foods like sweet potatoes, carrot, pumpkins and other orange vegetables. There is a cousin of beta-carotene you should get to know, named lycopene. It has an odd name, but you already know it very well. It provides the red color in a tomato, just as beta-carotene gives its orange color to a carrot or a sweet potato.

Vitamin-C: Although every one of us are familiar with vitamin-c and its benefits but there is more to talk about this praise worthy nutrient. Not only does vitamin-C work as a powerful anti-aging nutrient, it also strengthens muscles, bones and skin and helps in regulating our moods psychological functions. Eating vitamin-C rich foods like broccoli, grapefruit, and of course oranges and other citrus fruits helps in combating many skin and other diseases. Dark-skinned people have better built-in protection from ultraviolet rays compared to light-skinned people, simply because darker skin produces more melanin. But, no matter what shade of skin we're born with, we can all improve our body's own SPF internally, with the foods we choose. Eating carrots, sweet potatoes, and other orange or green vegetables sends a dose of protective beta-carotene to our cells and bloodstream.

So above mentioned are the nutrients which helps in combating various skin related problems and replacing your skin with natural glow and acne free. Moreover, avoiding junk food and regular intake of fruits and water is a natural medicine for everyone, and there's a great saying, "We are what we eat", so in order to actually prove your inner self as a bright side, better start eating natural fruits and say good bye to junk food.

About Author / Additional Info:
Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education(DNHE)