Now an accomplished and respected doctor in her field, a woman retells how she took the roundabout route and held to the tribute to her adamant purpose in life that led her to who she is know, but reveals that she also took some time out for the odd party. But she was never a single minded girl especially way back when she was in high school. As a local high school girl, she was divided between taking up medicine or linguistics. She took French, Spanish and English, as well as all the sciences to hedge her bets. She was truly excellent in communication but she depended on her teacher in Spanish's advice in making her final choice. The teacher told her that she can become a multilingual doctor but never a linguist that works as a doctor on the side.

As she went to her local college, she was bombarded with nothing but science studies as her A-level courses. Though the results weren't encouraging after two years, she did not falter one bit. She only passed in her favorite area which was Chemistry.

She was able to breeze into the university by taking up a Natural Sciences course but she really meant to take medicine and will do so after finishing her first year. She was unable to do well enough thus she was unable to transfer but then she did enjoy this time very much. Instead of scoring A's, she only got B's. With this reason along with her growing love for chemistry, she became resolute on finishing the degree.

Her immense love for chemistry paved the way for her to major in this as well as food technology. This is where she got an honors degree. As soon as she graduated, she found it impossible to find a job. The first year that she was out of university, she was out of a job. There were zero jobs. She sought even the food industry for a job. She'd ask why she got into this in the first place when faced with discouragement.

The only one that was able to give her a job was a man that dealt with drugs who saw her proficiency with the business of manufacturing kettles. According to her, while the offer was huge, she did not get tempted one bit and she even made it clear that money is not everything to her and that was how she was brought up. While firmly holding on dreams to become a physician, she continues to apply to medical school. As she awaited word from medical school, she fearfully accepted a teaching job.

A year later, she learned that if she'd ever get word of acceptance from med school she would need more money and this enabled her to leave her job as a teacher and joined a commercial bank to become a trainee manager. She recalled she looked at the pros and cons and spoke to people who she knew and the consensus was that in the end she would still be an employee if she stayed with the bank. Only medicine can offer her a business of her own while she toils on what she loves.

She was accepted to medical school two years later. The first year, in the usual tradition, was a mixture of fun and learning. She took in all she could from it. She was not a bookworm, but studied enough and partied enough. Only in her first year, she already bagged awards in community health as well as distinction in being among the top 10 in Physiology. She got so fascinated with community medicine as it enabled her a sense of connection with many people. Your patients' lives are revealed as you enter the homes. Such program truly moved her.

She thought that she would have been squeamish about cutting up cadavers but she was not emotionally affected. As she takes Pathology, a different story takes place. Ten weeks were spent crying when she had to do autopsies on the recently dead. She felt the emotional loss of their deaths. She appreciated pharmacology perhaps due to her chemistry background. Chemicals working in the body especially to rid it of disease was something she found so mesmerizing. She goes to the library for its journals even when this was not usual for her. With an honor in Pharmacology, everyone got shocked.

She no longer held on to being a bookworm for she focused more in organizing parties with her five other study buddies. Every single one of them did well in the finals with three taking home honors. A group member she mentored got a medal in gynecology and honors in other fields. Our time was truly well spent after all.

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