Are you a student who is interested in a nursing career in India? If you would like to start working as a nurse in India, there are some simple steps that you can follow. This article provides you with the details as to the methods of pursuing a nursing career. The step by step process of starting a nursing career is listed here for you to benefit.

1. Selection of the type of course: This is the first step that you would have to make. There are various levels of courses that you can study.

a. ANM course: An ANM course is the simplest course and for this a 10th standard qualification is enough. This course does not provide you with a good qualification. A nurse who has completed this ANM course will be required to work at the lowest rung of the nursing profession and the main job responsibilities would be to move patients and also assist the patients in care of their basic daily needs. ANM courses are usually available in government hospitals in various cities.

b. DGNM: The diploma in general nursing and midwifery is a diploma course. It should be noted that this course is not a degree course, but will provide the graduate with a Diploma. As any other diploma level course, the individual who completes this course will be able to function at a technician level. In the nursing profession, a diploma level course completion would enable the individual to work as a staff nurse. This means that the person would need to provide all levels of bed side care to the patient.

c. Post basic BSc Nursing / BSc Nursing course: This course is a Bachelor level nursing course. The individual who completes this course can work in any teaching hospital as a tutor. Other than this, the individual can also work as a bed side nurse. There are many hundreds of colleges that offer a B.Sc (Nursing) course. The application process will vary from one institution to another, but the overall objective of all the colleges are the same.

d. MSc(Nursing) and PhD in nursing: The MSc(Nursing) and PhD in nursing courses are mainly for additional qualifications for an individual. A person who has completed this kind of Masters Course or a doctoral course can work in teaching institutions. There are hardly any bed side nurses after completing their higher education.

e. Fellowship in nursing: There are some institutions that offer fellowship in nursing courses in various specialties. These courses are available to candidates who have completed their DGNM qualification or a BSc (Nursing) qualification.

2. Applying to a INC recognized institution: The next step in starting a career in nursing is to apply in an Indian Nursing Council recognized institution. There are many hundreds of institutions that offer nursing courses at various levels. There are only a few of these institutions that may not have the INC recognition. This should be ascertained by the student before applying for the course.

3. Getting through the selection process: As mentioned elsewhere, the selection process in each of these institutions will vary considerably. There are some institutions that fill the seats only with the basis of merit. There are other institutions that offer seats under management quota for a payment of the management fees. There are other colleges where the seats are filled based on the government guidelines. There are some common entrance tests held by the government and based on these test results, admissions are granted for candidates in government colleges and other private colleges.

Job opportunities after completion of nursing course

There are thousands of job opportunities for a person who has completed a nursing course in India. The health care sector is not regulated in India and so there are thousands of nursing homes and clinics all over India that employ ANM’s as well as staff nurses. The nurses who have completed their Bachelor level education can obtain jobs in teaching institutions. Other than this, there are also well established hospitals that recruit nurses at this level. The nurses who have completed their Masters program in nursing and PhD in nursing are usually employed in teaching institutions and in research projects. The pay package or salary of the nurses will increase based on factors like qualification, experience and also the place of work.

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