1. Use facial cleansers
It is good to try face cleaning liquids that are commercially available. The usage of facial cleansers is not recommended in case the person is suffering from eczema as they might enhance the condition.

2. Sugar intake should be reduced
The sugar content in the food has to be reduced. The intake of carbonated drinks also has to be reduced to decrease the sugar intake. Chocolate is considered as harmful only keeping in mind of the sugars present in it. The sugarcane sugars that are natural are known to enhance the magnesium levels in the body which makes the body unhealthy. Human body will be comfortable when fruits are taken than sugar.

3. Exposure to sun
Several types of cancer are prevented by vitamin D. Exposure to too much sun is not considered as good while exposure to the sun moderately is better. Vitamin D deficiency is found to be associated with the depression.

4. Drinking water even without necessity
Drinking water sufficiently every day is essential for the body. The thirsty feeling will arise not just because of dehydration but, to know in a right manner that your body requires something to drink.

5. Eating fish and nuts
The oils that are formed in the fish and nuts are found to be useful in cleaning the unnecessary oils that have come from the junk foods as well as the surrounding environment. The almonds are good for skin as they have magnesium and calcium which are essential for protecting the skin from harmful influence of the environment. Milk of soya bean is also helpful in protecting the skin. The hair is made shiny, skin is made clear and teeth are made strong with the help of omega-3 fatty acids present in salmon.

6. Face wash
It is good to wash the face at least once per day.

7. Exercise
Exercise helps in generating sweat in our body which is very much helpful to the skin. The internal strength developed due to regular exercise will be shown on the face. It is suggested to wash your body and especially the face after exercise with warm water without using any cleaning agent.

8. The oil taken from the sunflower seeds added as an ingredient in the body lotions can be used for application to make the skin healthy.

9. Avoid concealers
It is observed that the skin has certain defense mechanisms to fight against the bacteria that get clogged in the pores. These mechanisms will be lost when the make-up on the face is washed off. Therefore, using the concealers like make-up has to be avoided.

10. Pillow case has to be kept clean
The face can be affected by the grease lying on the pillow case. So, it is better to change the pillow case every week or once in 10 days. It is better to keep your hair off the pillow or at the back of your face so that the oil will not spoil the face.

11. Avoid eating too much of acidic fruits
Apples and oranges constitute vitamin C while apple has moderate amounts of it compared to oranges. The acids present in some fruits are observed to be weakening the muscles and bones especially too much of oranges. Hence, eating anything more than sufficient will not be good.

12. Understand about stress and try removing it
Stress is very bad for the body and the body has its own natural mechanisms to drive stress out. It is always better to identify the mental status and levels of stress that exists and then try to remove it before it is manifested physically.

About Author / Additional Info:
I am Hareepriyaw alias Haripriya from India.