Visiting almost every clime on earth, this ninety-one year old traveler has now seen Antarctica. Seeing Antarctica with her own two eyes was extremely important to her. This was her first time actually seeing Antarctica, but the third time traveling to the continent. She didn't actually touch the Antarctic land, but flew over it.

She traveled over Antarctica for four hours time and saw fjords, glaciers and mountain peaks. For a better view, the pilot allowed the plane to descend to just about 300 feet above the ground. One mountain they saw was completely covered in fog. Perfect weather accompanied their flight; it was clear and sunny. Because it was early in March, they were traveling at the end of the Antarctic Summer. The air temperatures were still far below zero. The passengers were able to hear a continent researcher lecture during the flight.

The 91 year-old really wished she could see penguins during her flight over Antarctica. Other passengers were able to see a distant colony of penguins, though our traveler did not. They took a ship to the Falkland Islands. These are off the coast of Argentina. Hundreds of penguins availed themselves when she took a boat trip to the East Island of the Falklands during that cruise, including Magellan penguins. The penguins rank the tallest of all penguin species.

After flying for sixteen hours from the United States, they cruised from a South American city. Their cruise ship visited many South American ports of call, and even asked passengers to enjoy a dip in the ship's pool. She did go swimming and was given a certificate for her bravery. The ninety-one year old ignored the thirty-five degree weather.

Rio was the flight destination from Santiago, which they'd toured after being driven there. That was after the ship had docked in Chile. They experienced excellent weather during their three week cruise. Even the difficult to find Southern Cross, the smallest constellation, was visible to all passengers.

One big city and a major river were all this ninety-one year-old tourist had seen during her previous visit to South America. She returned to the rain forest surrounding that major rivers and witnessed the severe destruction that had befallen it in the few years since her last visit. She worries about the loss of bird habitat. Having traveled to Africa to see her friends, she took a Safari. Because she'd already seen, Antarctica was her final continent to conquer. Her flight above Antarctica satisfied that need.

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