This is a true happening. A girl had warts on her nose which was quite small and few for which she had done cautery which happened to be successful. But after few months it recurred with more warts on nose and also on fingers on each finger 1 to 2. In total she had some 22 warts including her nose and fingers.she consulted a good dermatologist who suggested her chemical treatment he used to use a chemical called liquid nitrogen and using a bud type thing he used to keep it on the warts area. The whole area gets blackened and after few days it falls off but it reoccurred as doctor had told some 6 to 7 visits she went regularly but this time also it didn't work. She also used to take immunity tablets for enriching her immunity power which could be a cause of the virus.

Warts is a viral disease caused by humanpapilloedema virus. As the chemical treatment also didn't work she went to another dermatologist for cauterisation after taking a picture of the nose the doctor could find out many warts on her nose but the nose warts were quite small than the one which she had on her fingers. The doctor removed the warts under ascetic conditions by giving local anesthesia on each finger without much pain other than the pain of insertion of local anesthesia. The doctor told her he would remove all her warts and is removing it little deeply as it would not reoccur. The cauterisation looked horrible because the cautery was done more deep in to the skin.
She was taking antibiotics and painkillers and used to do dressing at home in a sterile way. Sfter completion of 5 days course of antibiotics the doctor kept the next visit but he went off for some leave when she called up the staff at clinic. She herself noticed the warts wound was not healing fast. She had earlier done all her blood investigations which was all fine including elisa which was also negative.

When she found little pus discharge form her little finger she called up a known doctor who referred to a general surgeon who told its a 2nd degree burns and it was done horribly.he told to do dressing with placentrax gel which is usually used for bedsores,burns and ulcer patients. So, if not healed with the placentrax, antibiotics and tablet phlogam she may have to go for skin grafting.

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