We do not treasure our health as we are supposed to and this is seen in the way we eat and generally treat our bodies. For many human beings, the importance of health is theoretical, until we get afflicted by some disease. There is a way you can avoid health problems and live a high quality life. Getting a lot of air into your system goes a long way in improving your immunity levels. Do not ignore the fact that you are not breathing well, as it could lead to a lot of problems. Breathing air that has been contaminated brings a lot of problems that is why it is said that people who take in secondary smoke are affected just as much as the people who smoke themselves. Take time to breath fresh air to get more oxygen to your body and regulate the heart beat. Getting fresh air into the body has a way of reducing the blood pressure that is why it is recommended for people who have high blood pressure. Breathing the fresh mountainous air has been known to aid in the digestion of food and the expulsion of all toxins from our system. Is there a better way to give your body a good start to the day than giving it fresh air? Getting fresh air goes a long way, more than medication and even dieting. If you are more aware of your breathing, you will notice it when it goes down and you will seek medical attention faster than the person who isn't. Breathing is very important to good health; make sure you have taken a break from your job once in a while to fill your lungs with the fresh clean air of nature.

To make sure you have fresh clean air involves getting your passages cleaned; meaning that you have to clear your nose to breath well. There is more to good health than just breathing, so here is the second tip. Eat well; you are what you eat and your physical frame tells it all. If you are obese, underweight or are struggling with some form of lifestyle diseases, you have not been eating well. The golden rule of eating is eating only when your body feels like eating. This rule is different for those who are addicted to food, and are obese as a result. Getting accustomed to the regular three meals per day is good enough; only make sure it is in reasonable portions, nothing too much at any one time. To prevent instances of food addiction, always make sure you are seated when eating and take your time to enjoy the dining experience. The other rule of eating is to eat a well balanced diet, with a little of everything. This is what brings problems to people, who eat only what is favored by the tongue and not the rest of the body. Having too much of one thing in the body will make you unhealthy. If you have too much processed sugars in your system you will be pitting yourself in the way of diabetes and heart problems. Getting good health is more of exercising control over human passions than anything else. Before taking anything, think if it is necessary for you to have it in the first place and what value it is going to add to your body in the long run. Remember to take a lot of water as well, the regular 8 glasses in a day. Balance your meals with some fruit, at least one fruit in a day. Exercise is very important, but it too should be kept within reasonable limits. If it is too much, it could lead to health problems and if it is too little it will not be of much help in alleviating high blood pressure and other lifestyle diseases.

Finally, avoid stress and depression and get help when you think you cannot handle. Stress and depression is the main cause of over eating and under eating. Obesity, anorexia and bulimia are all psychological problems, with nothing to do with the physical. Getting help will ensure that you are not overeating or under-seating and it will also make sure you have taken proactive steps into getting your life back on track especially regarding food and exercise.

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