All of us run ourselves ragged every day, all day, to just get stuff done!

There's too much stuff to do!

All this stress, worry, and anxiety we have does physical and mental harm to our bodies. Back in the day, all of this was put to good use when we were running from tigers and bears (oh my!). Now all the running we do is internal.

Stress is a toxin. It does bad things to your organs: puts strain on your heart, raises your blood pressure. Most of of know this. There is so much scientific talk about stress and the heart these days that those shouldn't be surprising. Some things that you may not be aware of is stress actually temporarily alters your brain chemistry. It causes neurotransmitters and hormones to either shut down for the time being, speed up or slow down.

This has a plethora of long term effects when you feel stress for a lengthened period of time. It's no coincidence that antidepressants is one of the highest prescription medicines filled today. It's because long-term stress actually depletes the neurotransmitter signals for serotonin in your brain- the happy chemical. You stress out long enough, and you brain actually FORGETS how to replenish your serotonin stock!

So, people go on antidepressants for a period of time to help re-train their brain on how to function properly again. But that only works if you aren't stressed out - otherwise, it's just a vicious cycle that wrecks havoc on your life and your relationships.

What does all of this have to do with Mark Stengler?

Dr. Stengler is commonly known as "America's Natural Doctor", and for good reason. He's spent many years mixing conventional and natural medicine to help heal people naturally, and is one of the leading doctors providing breakthroughs in natural medicine!

Dr. Stengler recently developed an program that would allow him to reach the lives of thousands, maybe millions, of people online.

It seems like a fantastic program. He released some free videos explaining more about the particulars- I've watched all of them available thus far, and I'm impressed!

I'm a believer that natural medicine has it's place in helping people live better lives. The power of the human body is amazing, and sometimes all we need it a few tweaks here and there to change things for the better, rather than running a bunch of chemicals through our system.

Do the research, and vow to not be so sick and tired anymore! You don't need to! Live is meant to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest extent. Don't let anything get in your way for the life you deserve!

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Live happy and live healthy!