Scientists, for years, have been studying lab animals in order to accumulate evidence that a pill could be able to lessen the damage to your hearing caused by noise. Now, the Marines have to come on in. Months from now, the 600 Marines of Camp Pendleton which is found in California, will be trained with rifle handling while they wear foam ear plugs and drinking something that comes across like herbal tea, wild berry flavor.

Along with their meals, they shall take this drink during the two week period of the notoriously loud training, which is really held responsible for 10 percent hearing loss among the participants. And if all goes as hoped, hearing tests will show that a substance dissolved in the drink made a difference. Indeed, this newest wrinkle in the research that aims to dig out the one pill that would answer all hearing loss problems due to extreme noises. Experts claim that while this is not a new effort at all, the past years saw that it picked up steam.

Loss of hearing as a result of exposure to noise is reported to be the top when it comes to the most common occupational health problems and second in the category of most self reported occupational disorders, claims the federal government. The number of individuals in America who either enter prolonged exposure to noisy surroundings or get affected by a sudden explosion has now risen to 10 million and all of them suffer from irreparable hearing loss. When you work in the business of construction, mining, agriculture or manufacturing, you may be among the 30 million people that are thought to be exposed to dangerous levels of noise each day.

Persons like professional musicians should also take care. Just some months ago, a man from a big band suddenly had to duck and cover his ears as soon as a trumpet behind him wailed and made him realized the value of wearing his ear protection first before anything else. Shooting for recreation purposes, hopping on a motorcycle or snowmobile can be damaging too.

While specialized sound deadening earmuffs and earplugs can help, they are not all that you need. Some forms of sound might overwhelm these. Many people just don't like wearing these while others just get prone to hearing damage. Be careful even when you already have ear protection for some level of sound can still cause hearing damage when it goes up to the skull.

That is since brute force by loud noise may not be the only thing that damages the delicate inner ear all the time. Because oftentimes, these just provoke the ear enough so that it emits free radicals which are just dangerous kinds of oxygen molecules. Antioxidants are known to be good neutralizers of free radicals in the body while the ear naturally possesses these kinds of defenses. But then the antioxidants found in the ear gets overwhelmed with a certain level of noise.

Such scenario depicts how the free radicals cause damage and such leads to the death of the receptors of sound in the ear. Hence, fortifying the natural defense mechanism of the ear through antioxidants can be a good preventive measure not to mention a quick corrective means after a person is flung into so much noise does sound sensible. The promise of prevention by way of animal experimentation excites a lot of people especially those that need this as they deal with a frequently noisy environment.

A man renowned as antioxidant studies for hearing pioneer claims to have seen the wondrous results in so many individuals already. He had already patented the health supplement he regularly recommends to the several hundred patients who suffer a great deal from hearing loss and its setbacks brought by exposure to high levels of noise or simply aging. Patients saw that there is an improvement in their hearing as well as slowing down of the progression pace in the process of hearing loss they usually encounter. Among those suffer from moderate to severe levels of hearing loss, they did not see any reason to throw away their hearing aids but then most of them were still swayed into leaving their aids behind for a while or switching to a smaller and less powerful mode.

The Marine experiment leading scientists and his colleagues obtained impressive feedback in their laboratory animal experiments utilizing a range of different antioxidant compounds. He has set his eye on NAC or N acetylcysteine which has been approved by the state in addressing overdoses on a brand of painkiller that is well known. The antioxidant defense capability of the ear is enhanced as the NAC neutralizes the free radicals in the ears. In his animal work, NAC has reduced hearing loss when given before or right after exposure to loud noise. The effect generally means the difference on whether or not you need a hearing aid, when translated for humans.

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