Heat stroke or Sunstroke as it is commonly called as is a condition which usually occurs when the person is in a environment that is extremely hot. The name sun stroke is a misnomer because the condition not only occurs when you are out in the sun, but can also occur when you are in extreme conditions of heat. The very high temperature of the surroundings of the person can cause various extreme physical changes that can also cause the person to die at times. The heat stroke is usually associated with various neurological signs of damage.

The condition that is heat stroke is usually confused with certain conditions like heat crams and also heat exhaustion. These are very sever conditions that can cause damage to the tissues of the person, but the Sunstroke is a condition that can cause extreme damage where the person can die very quickly or there can be a permanent damage to the various tissues of the person.

Symptoms of Sunstoke:

There are various signs and also symptoms of the condition that you can easily identify. The first thing that has to be collected is the history of the affected person to ascertain that it is heat stroke. This can be done if there is an attendant to the person who is affected. If there is no one with the person, then the diagnosis has to be made with the various clinical signs that the person is having.

The person who is affected by sun stroke will be having dry and hot skin. Other than the dry and the hot skin, the person will also have very high temperature in the body. There are many times when the person who is suffering from the sun stroke will have various symptoms like those of a heart attack.

Other associated signs with heat stroke:

There are also various other signs that a person affected by heat stroke will have and they are as follows: nausea, vomiting, fatigue. All these are very common in any person who is suffering from dehydration. In a person who is suffering from heat stroke, there is the presence of dehydration where the water from the body has been lost due to the evaporation and also due to sweating.

The other signs of the heat stroke include head ace and also muscle pain. The muscle pain usually presents as muscle cramps. The one most important aspect of the heat stroke is that the person who suffers from this condition will be normal for a long time and then suddenly develop the signs and the symptoms that are related to the heat stroke.

There are also certain specific signs that can be present in those who have the Sunstroke and they include signs like the lack of sweating in the person in spite of the skin being very hot when you touch it. The affected person can also have a pulse that is racing, and there is difficulty in breathing.

These are the most common signs of Sunstroke.

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