In my world, very important people, or VIP, are not the characters made popular by movie screens, TV and newspapers and not even the wealthy heirs who were born in third base but think that they hit a triple, to quote a famous US President. True VIP are the professionals who work to advance science, technology and any other field that benefits the welfare of society. A really important person is also a mother who does not surrender in front of the illness of her child and I could bring many other examples.

The Masters of the Plastic Surgery: Professor Ivo Pitanguy, and Prof. Marco Gasparotti.

The name of Professor Pitanguy is as familiar to Brazilians as the name of Rome is to Italians. Ivo Pitanguy is known worldwide as the "Father"
of plastic surgery. His father Dr. Antônio de Campos Pitanguy, a general surgeon, once stated "Medicine gives you the satisfaction of being useful. The doctor is the one who brings hope."

Hope in plastic surgery is to balance beauty with health and wellness and to intervene when a physical defect becomes a psychological barrier.

Professor Pitanguy is famous worldwide for creating the first clinic designed for teaching plastic surgery through the postgraduate degree. His school has trained over 500 professionals over 40 different countries. Graduating from Pitanguy's school is a guarantee for patients and a big plus for the surgeon's career.

In Italy, the most recognized plastic surgeon is Professor Marco Gasparotti, known as the creator of a new surgical technique for the treatment of advanced cellulite, without the risk of bleeding and visible scars. He has been quoted to say "A competent surgeon performs surgery only on 20% of referred patients. Pressured by the influence of the media, women may believe that success is achieved only through beauty, instead of using professional skills, intelligence and culture." And I would like to add that the large number of superficial men who always prefer young women with beautiful "cellulite-free" bodies also greatly contributes to this state of affairs. Even though the cellulite might be in the male brains ...
Beauty only creates artificial and vulnerable passions. Many beautiful women with flawless bodies - including sought-after models, show-girls and "veline" - have been betrayed by boyfriends or husbands in search of new emotions, showing that beauty alone cannot support a solid union. Beauty captivates, seduces, but unfortunately does not hold couples together, which is why I feel it was important to share the message of Prof. Gasparotti.

In this photo Professors Marco Gasparotti and Ivo Pitanguy are in Barcelona during the Summit of the G12, where the top 12 plastic surgeons came together in June 2011. This photo is the image of two great men of our countries. Italy and Brazil, linked by a common thread made of science, art, culture and historical lineages. This is the winning image of the union and pride of our nations, which have been able to overcome many limitations and contribute to a better world for themselves and for others.

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