Obesity has become a grave problem for the teenagers these days and unfortunately parents too have stopped bothering about the children's growing sizes.

Most teenagers have become couch potatoes and spend hours either in front of the idiot box or playing video games. They are no longer interested in playing outdoor games or exercising. They feel it involves a lot of effort so choose the electronic medium of entertaining themselves not realizing how adversely it affects their eyes, brain and most importantly does not contribute to their overall development which a person needs at this age. Playing outside not only keeps a person fit and healthy but also brings about refreshment and relaxes the brain.

'Exercise regularly' may sound like a cliche nevertheless it is important to emphasise on its paramountacy in keeping a person fit and healthy. It tones up your muscles, keep them in the mobile mode, improves flexibility, helps to prevent frequent aches and keeps your body in the right shape.
A major reason why teenagers have given up the practice of outdoor activities is the increased number of hours a person devotes to studies. It is a wrong notion that studying for longer hours without any rejeuvinating activities will fetch more marks. Playing games in the fresh air or exercising helps to improve your concentration, productivity and retention power. Absence of these will restrict your memorising power as the brain needs relaxation, make you feel stressed, restrict your productivity and obviously contribute towards increasing your weight. This problem is often seen in the girls when in higher classes they tend to gain weight because they tend to sit for long hours of study and restrict their physical movement.

When the problem of obesity goes beyond a certain limit it becomes difficult to control it or reduce the paunch or the flab . It also leads to various heart related diseases and makes a person feel inferior in social places, makes a person often irritable, lethargic, difficult to work for long hours and also has to bear the harsh comments of others. But what the person must realise is that it is not the time to feel upset about it or feel dejected rather doing something about it with patience and endurance will definitely bring about a change in your persona and looks.
The first step is to identify your body type and work accordingly.

Go to the gyms, hire fitness instructors, exercise everyday and note down the time for which you have exercised and gradually increase the time for which you do it, eat healthy (more of proteins and vitamins and less of fats and carbohydrates) and do not resort to unhealthy practices like dieting. However restrict the amount you have for a meal and avoid eating outside the house as one often ends up eating junk. Do not eat carbohydrates after evening time.

Do not get discouraged at any point of your journey by remarks of others and do not get carried away by stupid fads and advices of non-professionals.


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