Toe nail fungus is a condition that is very important because of the ability f this to disfigure the nails of the person who is affected with this condition. As the name indicates, the toe nail fungus is caused by a toe of fungus that enters under the skin of the foot of the person and causes damage to the nails of the foot.

Causes of toe nail fungus:

There are various causes of toe nail fungus. The major cause of toe nail fungus is the presence of the fungus under the skin. Though the fungus may come into contact with the skin of many people, it does not develop into the disease in all people. The reason for this is that only when the person has unhygienic foot will the person get toe nail fungus. People who perspire a lot and have sweat over the foot for a long time are more at risk of having this condition.

Signs of toe nail fungus:

There are various signs of toe nail fungus. These include the following.

1. Shape of nail:

The nail becomes thickened because of the presence of the fungus. The shape of the nail can change completely at times and cause the nail to become disfigured.

2. The color of the nail:

There are many times when the color of the nail can also change over a period of time. The change in the color is also due to the presence of the fungus. The nail can become either yellowish in color and at times, it can also become dark and black.

3. The strength of the nail:

The toe nails of those who are affected by the fungus can also have the nails becoming brittle. This causes the nail to break at times.
These are the common signs of the nail that is having the growth of fungus in it. If the damage is severe and there is no treatment done for this condition, then the person can have the nails to be separated from the underlying tissue.

Treatments of toe nail fungus

The treatment of the condition is very important. The reason for this is that if the toe nail fungus is not treated adequately as soon as possible, then the affected person can have permanent damage to the nails that cannot be treated after the changes have occurred.

More than the treatment of the toe nail fungus, the prevention of the condition and also curbing the worsening of the condition are very important to make sure that the person has a good nail that can be salvaged. Adequate care of the nails by making sure that the foot is not exposed in areas of high infection risk like swimming pools and other areas are needed. Make sure that the foot is dry and clean as much as possible. Other than these preventive aspects, the use of anti fungal cream can help to reduce the severity or even cure the condition. In spite of the cure, there can be times when the person gets the condition again.

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