Just about any MLM company can score a enormous flood of hard cash in the startup phase almost solely by being "a ground floor opportunity," but if any network marketing company wants to get any real kind of staying power, as well as make your sales reps' lives a whole lot more bearable, is to actually have a product line that's beneficial. You want to promote a product that people would pay money for, at a cost people would be ready to throw money down for, even if it didn't have a comp plan attached to it.

If you're looking at this article, chances are you're looking at doTerra for a couple of reasons:
1. You are interested in mainly throwing money down for the product and you want to see how it stacks up against the competition, and/or...
2. You are wanting to become a doTerra rep and want to see if this is a company you can put your name behind.

Either way, you've come to the right spot.

DoTerra's focal product is a collection of therapeutic grade essential oils, the premier grade given to essential oils.

These oils are used in a large number of ways, ranging from relaxation with aromatherapy, they can help soothe skin when mixed with bath water, and there have even been reports where it has helped take pain away where traditional, and often more expensive, treatment has failed.


There are scores of competitors in the essential oil marketplace that have oils that are therapeutic grade. So, even if doTerra genuinely does promote a superior product, they have a lot of noise to deal with.


For the 15ml bottles, depending on the oil, they range from the reasonably priced ($15) to the costly ($100) and everything in the middle. When comparing products side by side, doTerra's oils can sometimes have a price tag of an average of 2-3x that of competitors' products. That being said, doTerra does have incentive programs set up to help bring the price down. In some cases the price cut can be significant. doTerra, like many network marketing companies' products previous to it, say that the increased price is due to the improved quality, concentration, as well as purity of their product. I'm not suggesting that this is not accurate; I have actually heard great reviews from those who have used doTerra oils. However, when you add a compensation plan into the pricing structure, the cost has a trend of getting kicked up a few notches.


There are 3 main parts that any MLM company needs to have in order for its reps stand a real chance in the tremendously competitive domain of network marketing, plus the competing playing field their product competes in:

1. A dependable reputation that is built on giving value as opposed to false, overblown advertisement.
2. Products that have sincere value outside of a home based business opportunity.
3. A system of marketing that can produce an landslide of excited leads banging down your door and ringing your phone off the hook, credit card out, eager to sign up with you.

Judging from what I have found on doTerra, even though it's only a baby in the grand scheme of things, this company handled the first two requirements. It has fixed any complaints customers had promptly, the online presentations are based a great deal more with informing the customer as opposed to attempting to hype it to the point of total annoyance, and doTerra's product line really is something customers would and do throw money down everyday without a home based business attached to it. However, the one vital piece it's missing is a way to efficiently attract leads to you. It doesn't matter how good a product or business is, the cold hard facts are around 97% of the people pounding the pavement will most certainly fail building a doTerra business if they fail to see this basic part. Once you can do exactly that, and partner with an experienced leader to guide you through this fundamental process, there is no telling how far you will be able to go in your doTerra business.

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