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  • Age and Acupuncture    By: aney jinney

    An answer was given when he asked his mother a question. Looking at the table nearby, what he saw was somewhat of a miracle. >> Category: Health
  • The Various Surgical Treatments For Astigmatism    By: Mano Johnson

    There are various surgical treatments for astigmatism, which is a refractive error of the eye that leads to blurring of vision. Read on to learn more about this condition. >> Category: Health
  • Early Childhood Best Time to Teach Children Dental Care    By: jaw lerom

    Babies need good dental care at home and professionally, just like everyone else. Your child's first teeth would be healthy and growing in the right places if dental intervention is given early. >> Category: Health
  • Dental Treatment Opportunities For Low Income Family Members    By: Doris Lorentzen

    Black haired and smiling broadly sat a young woman in the small waiting room of a dental clinic. Meanwhile, a young dentist was examining the teeth of a middle aged woman seated at the clinic's only dental chair. >> Category: Health
  • Looking For Solutions to Medical Problems    By: jaw lerom

    A doctor recalls the ideal situation in US hospitals' emergency rooms and compare it to the deteriorating situation now in most US hospitals. It is a must for all the doctors to go on emergency room manning shifts and comply with this system that has been part of the hospital operations for many years. >> Category: Health
  • Abiding by Safe Dental Practices    By: Harris Stacey

    When there is no presence of pain then people will usually disregard a visit to the dental office. Because of good family dental care, a person does not only learn about preventive care but he also protects himself from such problem. >> Category: Health
  • Research and Dental Trials    By: Pinner Jessica

    To generate funding for their university research program looking for corporate investors became the goal of the department heads for which they needed a strategy. To serve the needs of biotechnical research an academic entrepreneurship seminar was held in one state. >> Category: Health
  • What You Need to Learn About Your Teeth    By: Harris Stacey

    How much do you really know about your teeth aside from the fact that you have them under your nose and above your chin? When it comes to our pearly whites, here's what you have to know. >> Category: Health
  • Today's New Doctors Favoring Public Service Over Material Gain    By: Pinner Jessica

    A certain group of younger women and men, historically, have taken on the medical profession seeking to do good for all. This shows now more than ever as the nation's medical schools are sending forth a new breed of doctors who choose to shun the 'glory' and monetary side of medicine to instead work for the good of all. >> Category: Health
  • Reasons of Sleeping With Open Mouth - Can It Cause Cavities?    By: Mano Johnson

    There are many reasons for cavities, but another common notion is that sleeping with mouth open can cause it. Can it really? Read on to find out! >> Category: Health
  • A Mother of 10 Becomes a Doctor at 50    By: Pinner Jessica

    In the year 1964, a 40 year old lady came in tattered farm clothing to the local university's college of literature, science and the arts to address her intention to study. This lady who came off a chicken farm armed with nothing but a background of convent education expressed her desire to become a medical doctor. >> Category: Health
  • Pushing For the Ideal Medical Sphere    By: jaw lerom

    Envision this, a health care system without any costs. Instead of patients going to private offices in different locations, they only go to one stop such as community health centers or medical superstores to get all their health needs taken care of. >> Category: Health
  • Benefits of Doing Yoga Early in the Morning    By: Jo Justin

    Yoga is very important for good health. Read on to learn about the benefits that you gain from doing Yoga regularly. >> Category: Health
  • Battling Hearing Loss Only Takes an Antioxidant    By: jaw lerom

    Destructive, stubborn, rebellious, and insolent are not the words children should be referred to with, it is not only wrong but also off putting especially when heard from parents or teachers. A physician says that undetected cases of mild to severe hearing loss can be treated on occasion, and this is normally experienced by children without their parents' knowledge. >> Category: Health
  • Losing One's Hearing at Birth    By: Pinner Jessica

    Scientists, for years, have been studying lab animals in order to accumulate evidence that a pill could be able to lessen the damage to your hearing caused by noise. But this time, they will need to help of the Marines. >> Category: Health
  • Bury the Mystery of Tantra Healing and Massage Therapy    By: Yemalla BArr

    An ongoing battle for Westerners to understand the difference between Tantric Spiritual Healing and Massage therapy; finding a common ground to respect the practice of tantra and tantric healers, reiki masters has been impossible for decades. Would this ever change? >> Category: Health
  • Muscle Building with Force Factor - Does It Work?    By: lukeev anssi

    It is the big issue with Muscle Building. I have to provide you with a top ten list on that force. >> Category: Health
  • You Can Purchase Hearing Aids Under the New Federal Regulations    By: Pinner Jessica

    There are new federal regulations now in effect for the first time governing the manufacturing, labeling, dispensing, and standards of hearing aids that are needed by millions who are dealing with hearing loss. According to regulations set forth by the Food & Drug Administration it is now necessary for a patient to have a statement from a doctor that states a hearing aid may help the patient, before purchasing hearing aids. >> Category: Health
  • The Strength of a Woman Doctor    By: jaw lerom

    A well respected female physician recounts how she took some time out for the odd party as she envisioned achieving her current status by a roundabout route, a tribute to the unswerving purpose of her meaningful life. But back in high school, she was not single minded at all. >> Category: Health
  • HOW TO: Achieve Happy, Healthy Summer Hair.    By: Emma Lovita

    Five fantastic easy-to-do steps to prevent hair damage from exposure to the sun. >> Category: Health
  • Before You Play an Instrument, Go Talk to Your Dentist    By: jaw lerom

    Before your child starts playing a kind of musical instrument, particularly a wind instrument such as a clarinet or saxophone, a New York orthodontist strongly recommends that you check first with your dentist. According to this orthodontist, there is a connection between individual's dental problems and the kind of musical instruments that they play. >> Category: Health
  • Pearly Whites, Happy Kids    By: SHANEY MANEY

    Tips for pearly whites teeth: It is a sad fact that there is no such thing as a true to life tooth fairy, who, like the illusionary tinker bell, gets to spark in the minds of parents as she darts from one home to the next, that their kids really need their teeth taken care of properly? Three year old kids have been rushed to the clinic only after their teeth were rotting down to the gums. >> Category: Health
  • Lung Cancer Not The Only Result of Smoking - Oral Cancer    By: Harris Stacey

    Detecting oral cancer in its early stages would make treatment more successful. A serious dental problem he also mentions is periodontal gum disease, which prevents teeth from being supported by the soft tissues and bone surrounding them. >> Category: Health
  • Bring the Family Together With Closed Captioning    By: Gregorio Fiorentino

    Television has been one of the main forms of entertainment inside the American home for more than thirty years, but millions of people haven't been able to enjoy it to the fullest. Consider this bit of information from the National Center for Health Statistics - in 1985, 21.2 million Americans were deaf or hearing impaired, about 9 percent of the total population. >> Category: Health
  • Technological Improvements in Hearing Aids Help the Hearing Impaired    By: arina makey

    Did you happen to hear the Canadian geese as they flew over you? While they fly overhead, do you lift your head up to see them make their way through the final days of summer? >> Category: Health
  • Speech Development of Infants Traced to Their Exposure to Auditory Feedback    By: aney makey

    Though not quite common among children, hearing loss may occur and leave parents feeling extremely upset. The six months after birth are crucial to an infants' language learning, so any repeated interruptions in hearing during that time may have permanent effects. >> Category: Health
  • Electric Equipment and Hearing Assessments    By: arina makey

    For one local audiologist, as more people who are hard of hearing continue to see hearing aids as the cure to their problems, more of these things will find themselves in dresser drawers. An aid is not like a pair of glasses, in which a lens prescription corrects vision defects. >> Category: Health
  • Plaque Control, Secret to Healthy Teeth    By: jaw lerom

    The tooth decay the dentist found on the elderly man's mouth was one highly unusual black hole on one of his front teeth. Because he gagged when he put his prescribed nitroglycerin tablets under his tongue, he decided to put it under his upper lip instead. >> Category: Health
  • In Dire Need of Dental Care    By: SHANEY MANEY

    No one really wants to see the dentist. Most would feel that it is a really scary experience. Usually the dental work is done on the patient while he is under the effects of general anesthesia. >> Category: Health
  • Reducing Plaque and Other Dangers to the Teeth    By: noellyn noelrt

    To address a huge variety teeth problems, different kids of toothpastes are developed. You can find tartar control toothpastes, Plague reducing toothpastes or those that cater to the little ones' needs. >> Category: Health
  • Realizing the Solutions to Various Dental Health Concerns    By: arina makey

    As the fight against dental problem grows, this nations' dentists have come up with massive weapons and strategies to act on it. And in the Pee Dee, one of the most triumphant stratagems is taking place. >> Category: Health
  • Let Your Hair Do All the Talking    By: MMI Online Onlymyhealth

    When it comes to looking good, one of the things that gets the most attention - and deservedly so - is the hair. This crowning glory of all dressing up has the potential to make or break the look that has so carefully been crafted with the clothes, accessories, make-up and everything else. >> Category: Health
  • Regular Fluoride Intake While Young Prevents Up to 65% of Tooth Decay    By: aney maney

    The American dental association estimates a decrease of as much as $100 million dollars in the dental health bills of the United States if water fluoridation is to be done. And this well may be on the way. >> Category: Health
  • Clinical Features and Treatment For Leukemia    By: Jo Justin

    Leukemia is a life threatening disease. Here are alist of clinical features and the treatment options available for the disease. >> Category: Health
  • Cauterisation Which Turned to Turned to Burns - Cautery Treatment Experience    By: remya varghese

    Warts has different types of treatment. Chemical cauterisation (or cautery) and even now homeopathy is available. Sometimes it disppears automatically in some patients but for some it reoccurs.but if cauterisation not done properly can lead to further damage. >> Category: Health
  • Worst Techniques to Drop Excess Weight    By: Tiffany Wood

    If you are searching to experience weightloss, it is painless to become tempted by less healthy paths to lose weight including taking up a vice, purging, starvation or excessive exercise. However, even though many of these techniques may provide you with quick and prompt weight-loss, the bulk of these methods can cause long term dangers to your health, weight loss and mind. >> Category: Health
  • Why Most Job Hunters Now Go Online    By: Madeline Collins

    As hospitals and health organizations seek cost effective ways to recruit medical doctors, they are increasingly relying on Internet technology to attract qualified job seekers. One of the editors of a health care manning agency on the web states that utilizing the power of Internet technology is the most important aspect to any medical staff hiring initiative. >> Category: Health
  • What Baby Sees Baby Does    By: noellyn noelrt

    Nothing constructive comes from criticizing a child by calling him names like stubborn, antisocial, antagonistic, or disobedient, but it becomes even more erroneous when the parents and teachers are the ones dishing these out to kids. Regularly, parents would not even be aware that the child is already suffering from mild to severe hearing loss, and although a physician says the condition can be cured, undetected cases cause such misunderstandings to transpire. >> Category: Health
  • A Teacher's Dedication to Hearing Impaired Children    By: noellyn noelrt

    Hearing loss gets in the way of many Americans' ability to communicate with other people and a whopping 14 million of them suffer from it today. September 21 to 28 also known as the Deaf Awareness Week will be an astounding success and this is something guaranteed by the counselor coming from the East Harris County coop for the deaf. >> Category: Health
  • The Buzzing Not of Bees    By: Gregorio Fiorentino

    She turns towards different directions and she sees people with ear phones as they listen to their portable music players. According to a senior at Chicago University who uses her iPod while studying or even during working out, these are rather common. >> Category: Health
  • Understanding With Hearing Aids    By: noellyn noelrt

    If it will not be a hassle can you repeat what you said earlier because I did not hear it. We actually interact with others mostly by hearing. >> Category: Health
  • Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis) - Causes, Symptoms and Medication    By: D Brown

    Hay fever is common type of rhinitis that occurs mostly during the seasons of spring and summer. Contrary to its name, Hay fever has little to do with hay or fever. Commonly known as Hay fever, seasonal allergic rhinitis is caused by airborne pollen and spores. >> Category: Health
  • Smoking Should Be Banned at Public Places    By: Nazar UlIslam

    The smokers should be fined and punished if found guilty of smoking at the public places. >> Category: Health
  • Nursing Care Activities For Children on Ventilators    By: Jo Justin

    Children who are on ventilators need a lot of care. This article lists a few of the important activities that a nurse has to do for a child on a ventilator. >> Category: Health
  • Deformities and How People Refuse Correction of Disfiguring Deformities.    By: David Prakash Kumar

    There are different kinds of deformities that people refuse to get corrected. This article lists some of the reasons for the lack of correction and also tells why the deformities need to be corrected. >> Category: Health
  • Breast Augmentation in Scottsdale    By: felisha martine

    The Scottsdale Breast Augmentation is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures. Breast augmentation is performed using saline breast implants or silicone breast implants. >> Category: Health
  • Health Care in India and the Reasons Why India Lags Behind.    By: S Edwin

    Health care in India is lagging behind a long way. This article tells of the reasons for rural health care to be lagging behind. >> Category: Health
  • Hearing Loss Lifestyles    By: Pinner Jessica

    The loss of hearing can happen to anyone so preparation is needed even by means of simply being informed. To be discussed are the definition of hearing loss and the factors which contribute to the problem as well as some helpful tips on treating the condition. >> Category: Health
  • Ingredients Which Work and Make Your Skin Look Great With Exercises    By: harry kainth

    Very great exercise may enlarge the creating of goods of pressure hormones want cortical, epinephrine, and nor epinephrine. These hormones aid the figure switch to additional effective fat-burning metabolism to maintain glycogen in the strong arm and aid blood vessels in the escape of oxygen to the strong arm. >> Category: Health
  • Creating Online Designs    By: Fanny Orozco

    Opportunity can also have some disadvantages for web designers. When you do web design, you can immediately share your creation with everyone by just pressing a button. >> Category: Health

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