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  • Why is It Necessary to Buy Health Insurance in India?    By: Anupam Tiwari

    Buying health insurance is a long term investment. It is important to be a futuristic and buy health insurance in early years to enjoy wider benefits and keep your family well protected and happy. >> Category: Health
  • Career as a Rehabilitation Counselor    By: Alaya Lewis

    Rehabilitation Counselor is a rehab professional which helps the patient in understanding the rehab procedure flow and helps him to take decisions in between the process. >> Category: Health
  • Prevention is Better Than Cure    By: Liyakat Shah

    Well the news is sad to hear that most of the people don't even consult a doctor for their minor or major injuries it shows their pessimistic attitude and laziness. >> Category: Health
  • Permanent Hair Removal : Electrolysis    By: Boba Borojevic

    Who has not dreamed of having beautiful silky, smooth skin ? Who has not dreamed of never having to shave, wax or pluck unwanted hair? Royal Electrolysis has answer to your dreams. Electrolysis is affordable, yet proven permanent hair removal method that works on every skin and hair type. Boba Borojevic is certified as a clinical medical electrologist and is the owner of the Royal Electrolysis hair removal clinic in Ottawa established in 1997. >> Category: Health
  • Back Pain - The Common Concern - Preventing Back Strain    By: backrx spinecare

    Pain in the lower back or low back pain is a common concern, affecting up to 90% of people at some point in their lifetime. Up to 50% will have more than one episode. Low back pain is not a specific disease. Rather, it is a symptom that may occur from a variety of different processes. >> Category: Health
  • Stroke Rehabilitation Continues Even at Home    By: Alaya Lewis

    Stroke rehabilitation programs that are done at home show better results than one's done at rehab centers. To get the best result of rehabilitation after stroke one must exercise at home. >> Category: Health
  • Metabolic Disorders Common in Older Men    By: Jack Anderson

    Metabolic disorder happens when anomalous chemical reaction within the body causes disruption to the process of metabolism. To your information Metabolism is a physical process which helps in making energy out of the consumed food stuff. Food includes important nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats as well as proteins etc. >> Category: Health
  • Chiropractic Red Flags    By: Michael Armatis DC

    A brief overview of things you should watch out for before going into a chiropractor, and how to find a chiropractor who does a good job managing your health. >> Category: Health
  • Empathy and Modern Medicine    By: Abdul Sattar Khan

    Empathy lost somewhere in modern science so we need to find out the solution for enhancing empathy especially in medical students. It is recommended that the selection process should be reviewed and admit those who showed at least some empathy and it may enhance by including an art subject as pre-requisite high school level or medical students should exposed to those situation that enhamce empathy >> Category: Health
  • Prevent Urban Pests with Simple Attitudes and Homemade Recipes    By: Brasil Dedetizadora

    In this article we'll discuss about the seven ways to prevent urban pests with simple attitudes and homemade recipes. They are quick tips but very helpful tips to keep your house hygiene. Remember that a house free of pests is a matter of hygiene and health for you and your family. >> Category: Health
  • Duties and Responsibilities of a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialist    By: Alaya Lewis

    Psychiatric Rehabilitation centers hire some of the top psychiatrics to help patients heal better and faster. Some psychiatrics are associated with psychiatric rehabilitation centers while some do private practice. >> Category: Health
  • How to Release the Junk in Your Trunk - A Weight Release Guide    By: Robbie Johnson

    In this article, you will discover a simple process to releasing excess weight using a light hearted approach to this sensitive subject of being overweight >> Category: Health
  • How to Overcome Stress in Several Easy Ways    By: Synthia Allen

    14 easy ways to overcome anger and stress. The below mentioned elementary and quick solutions will help you stay tranquil and relaxed in our crazy world. >> Category: Health
  • All You Need to Know About to Cure Acne    By: Richard Murphy

    The acne care products market is a highly competitive one with a wide array of various merchandise on provide, but not all acne care products are produced equally and so the onus must be on the consumer to ensure that they opt for the proper merchandise for themselves. >> Category: Health
  • Professors Marco Gasparotti and Ivo Pitanguy    By: Giusi Dangelico

    Beauty only creates artificial and vulnerable passions. Many beautiful women with flawless bodies - including sought-after models, show-girls and 'veline' - have been betrayed by boyfriends or husbands in search of new emotions, showing that beauty alone cannot support a solid union. Beauty captivates, seduces, but unfortunately does not hold couples together.Hope in plastic surgery is to balance >> Category: Health
  • Hospital Acquired Infections: What They Are and What It is Best to Do    By: Matt Smith

    It really is in fact ironic that while you visit the hospital to get taken care of for a specified illness, there may be also a chance that you simply will get specific hospital acquired infections, or what exactly are in any other case termed as nosocomial infections. >> Category: Health
  • Healthcare Gear: Impressive Instruments For Treatment    By: Matt Smith

    A hospital can't help its individuals if it does not have the right professional medical gear to begin with. These gear play a very important role inside the remedy of patients also because the carrying from a well being professional's duties. >> Category: Health
  • Comprehension HIV and AIDS    By: Matt Smith

    Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is usually a disease of advance-staged Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection. HIV can be a virus that afflicts the cells in the immune system. It impairs the immune technique purpose that can bring about progressive weakening. >> Category: Health
  • Intensive Treatment Unit: Who Must Be Moved Right Here and Why?    By: Matt Smith

    The intensive treatment unit is probably the special rooms in a hospital. Being so, you can find specified qualifications that should be satisfied for sufferers to merit the transfer to this unit. Yet another phrase a hospital can use for this unit is Important Treatment Unit. >> Category: Health
  • Do we Know, What is Malaria?    By: Matt Smith

    Malaria is really a lethal disease brought on by Plasmodium parasites. It really is transmitted to individuals via the bites in the species of Anopheles mosquitoes. In 2008, there are roughly 247 million situations of malaria and nearly a single million died as a consequence of this disease. >> Category: Health
  • Dengue and its Illness Process    By: Matt Smith

    Dengue is definitely an infection carried by mosquitoes. The types that brings about it would be the Aedes aegypti. This illness is commonly found in sub-tropical and tropical countries, generally in the semi-urban and urban areas. In a few Asian countries, it's the amount 1 reason for severe sickness and death in kids. In decades, its retentissement has rapidly increased globally. >> Category: Health
  • Kinds of Hospitals: Classifying Hospitals as Outlined by Scope    By: Matt Smith

    There are actually unique kinds of hospitals obtainable all over the world. And each one has specific specialties and scope. >> Category: Health
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Looking After Infants With Who Need It.    By: Matt Smith

    As being a parent, it can actually be scary in case your physician advises that you just that your child ought to be purchased towards the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). This can be a particular style of intensive care unit that is certainly specifically meant to treat and pay interest to newborn babies. >> Category: Health
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - Taking Care of Babies    By: Matt Smith

    As a parent, it could seriously be horrifying if your medical doctor advises that you simply that your baby ought to be purchased towards the neonatal intensive treatment unit (NICU). This is a precise sort of intensive care unit that may be specifically meant to treat and pay interest to newborn babies. >> Category: Health
  • Post Polio Syndrome More Devasting Than Fibromyalgia    By: Sybil Shearin

    In the 40's and early 50's the Polio epidemic hit America and it hit me as well. It didn't just hit and run. It hit and came back when I was about forty years of age. Doctors today still know very little about Post Polio or how to help those of us who are still victims. Post Polio is much more devasting than Fibromyalgia and arthritis. Listen to the words from one who knows Post Polio well. >> Category: Health
  • Types of Hospitals: Classifying Hospitals in Line With Scope, Services    By: Matt Smith

    You will find distinct sorts of hospitals offered all over the world. And every single one particular has specific specialties and scope. >> Category: Health
  • Learning About Tuberculosis    By: Matt Smith

    One particular in the most common communicable diseases in the world is Tuberculosis (TB). Briefly referred to as as TB, this disease is very contagious for the reason that it's airborne. The sickness could be handed by an infected particular person as a result of sneeze, cough, spit, or even just speak. >> Category: Health
  • Hospital Acquired Infections: What they are and What you must do to stop    By: Matt Smith

    It's really ironic that whilst you visit the hospital to obtain taken care of for a specific illness, there may be also a chance which you will get specified hospital acquired infections, or what are or else termed as nosocomial infections. >> Category: Health
  • What is Malaria?    By: Matt Smith

    Malaria is really a lethal illness triggered by Plasmodium parasites. It truly is transmitted to folks by means of the bites with the species of Anopheles mosquitoes. In 2008, you will find around 247 million situations of malaria and almost one particular million died as a consequence of this disease. >> Category: Health
  • Healthcare Screenings For Girls    By: Matt Smith

    Healthcare screenings for women are essential as diseases could be diagnosed at an early stage and information of this kind of screenings may also result in illness reduction. Widespread screenings for women are mammograms and blood pressure checks. >> Category: Health
  • Mental Health - Information About Mental Disorders    By: Akhila Kovvuri

    When we think of health, we often tend to forget that it includes mental health as well. This article highlights a few of our mistakes.... >> Category: Health
  • Skin Treatments - Make You Glow!    By: skin treatment

    You must thank your stars for having born in this period where science and technology is at your service! Flaw less skin is no more a gift of God! >> Category: Health
  • The Timberland Boots Will Definitely Make You in Fashion    By: Andy Alan

    Now the spring is just around the corner, so there is a thought that the Timberland boots will not be that popular any more. In reality, it is not. Those consumers make their minds to opt this trademark to match them in order to exhibit their personality, and it really does a number of effects. >> Category: Health
  • Health Benefits of Ginseng Plant    By: Albert Roth

    Ginseng has existed for thousands of years in China. Doctors have discovered the amazing advantages that ginseng oriental plant can provide. This article covers the details of a study about lung health, and much more. >> Category: Health
  • Breast Cancer Shirts Place Gigantic Target on Top of Our Chest    By: April Andy

    Breast Cancer Shirts Denote Enormous Bullseye on Our team's Breasts as a description would be a play on words. >> Category: Health
  • Potatoes With Expanding Waistlines!    By: sanya mittal

    The young India has decided to to choose the profession of that of a couch potato and have invited various diseases for themselves besides glares of others. >> Category: Health
  • Tips to Lead a Jealous-free Life    By: Sean Brashear

    The way you express yourself proves the kind of kind of person you are and the kind of thinking you possess. Of those many expressions right from happiness to boredom another expression which has a lot of power over you is jealousy. >> Category: Health
  • Basics of Chalazion For Women    By: Sean Brashear

    A chalazion also known as meibomian cyst is a non-malignant development of lumps in the inner or outer surface if an oil gland in the eyelid leads to obstruction of the meibomian glands. >> Category: Health
  • Sports Nutrition Products: Do You Need Them?    By: Alex Hardy

    This article contains information about Sports Nutrition Products and do you really need them? >> Category: Health
  • No More Cross-reactivity Because of the New Duck Antibodies    By: Tim H

    This article is about how to avoid cross-reactivity. Mammalian antibodies are often used for IVD applications. But the problem with these antibodies is that the Fc domain leads to cross-reactions with Fc receptors >> Category: Health
  • Can Calcium Intake Aid to Weight Loss?    By: angela karsson

    Did you know that calcium and weight are directly related? Yes... all this while we just knew that calcium is good for health and building up the bones. But as per a research it has been found that intake of calcium plays a vital role in weight loss or maintenance of weight. >> Category: Health
  • Red Reishi Mushroom - The Immortality Herb for a Long Life    By: othniel mcdowell

    Red Reishi Mushroom for Longevity. The red reishi mushroom botanical herb could be very interesting to those who are looking for cure to major diseases that plague the world these days. The ancient Chinese people should be thanked for giving this solution of solutions. This mushroom could be considered a wonder herb for its huge potential to become the miracle cure for all diseases imaginable. >> Category: Health
  • Disabled Bathrooms: Bathroom Mobility Options for Elderly and Disabled    By: alaa raouf

    Bathroom mobility aids can help make bathing a pleasant experience for the elderly or people whose mobility is limited. These aids help the user to get in and out of the bath easily and also help the user to bathe. Here is a list of such aids. >> Category: Health
  • The Positive and Healthy Benefits of Biking    By: James Macl

    Biking is one of the best all around sports for your health. It provides a great and positive workout with very little negative impact on your body. >> Category: Health
  • School Yoga Programme - A New Initiative of NRHM    By: maruf alom

    Under School Yoga Programme in the year 2009-10 almost 18167 students has been benefited, thanks to National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). The School Yoga programme is being implemented under PPP (Public Private Partnership) mode. >> Category: Health
  • Loud Music and Hearing Loss    By: dolores parrisil

    Can loud music cause hearing loss? When the neighbors call the police for disturbance of the peace, one knows the volume of his music is just right, according to a famous reggae artist and hundreds of other wailers. The need for proximity to the source of music for some dance music fans is so great that some even sleep inside speaker boxes. >> Category: Health
  • Three GOLDEN Rules to Stay Healthy    By: Anisa Author

    We do not treasure our health as we are supposed to and this is seen in the way we eat and generally treat our bodies. Following are three golden rules to stay fit and healthy! >> Category: Health
  • Obesity - Causes and Solutions!    By: Anisa Author

    Obesity has been increased in the general public and thus serious concerns have raised to solve this issue. Let's have a look at its causes and remedies! >> Category: Health
  • Tips: A Safer Everyday Life    By: Maryanna Morthensen

    Epilepsi-Partner is intended to help to you, particularly if you feel deprived of something in life, on account of epilepsy. This could include opportunities, chances, health, identity etc. - in short, those things that can bring happiness and colour into life. I can offer solid knowledge and understanding in terms of epilepsy and holistic lifestyles. I hope to offer you help when finding and show >> Category: Health
  • No Cure For Post Polio Yet!    By: Sybil Shearin

    Polio is a disease we seldom hear about anymore. Scientist gave diligently saving many from this crippling disease and we are so blessed. Now unfortunately we have Post Polio Syndrome another uninvited guest to those of us who lived through the nightmare. >> Category: Health

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