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  • Keeping Our Ambition Alive    By: kishore thampi

    Ambition is just like the muscles in our body. It needs to be constantly exercised and worked up to keep it sharp and defined. If we let opportunities to slip by, our proclivity will gravitate to dullness. We start questioning our own potential. Opportunities and meant to grabbed and utilized. It does not matter if we fail once or twice. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Art of Communication    By: kishore thampi

    The Art of Communication is all about expressing your thought process in a structured and lucid way so that the one who receives it will be able to assimilate the emotions attached to it. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Let us Learn From Nature    By: kishore thampi

    We play different roles in our lives - of a father/mother, son/daughter, sister/brother, employee, friend etc. The success in each role depends on how best we can adapt effectively to the respective roles >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Art of Leadership    By: kishore thampi

    Leadership requires lot of effort, commitment and sincerity. One needs to be decisive and deliver the goods, no matter what the situation is. The ultimate measure of a person is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. ' >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Art of Self Management    By: kishore thampi

    The truth is that we spend most of our time managing others and not our own self. We presume ourselves to be the perfect human beings with little or no flaws and the management of our own self seems like a distant dream, something which is not going to happen. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Art of Motivation    By: kishore thampi

    Motivation is a feeling or a state of mind which is specific to the individual. The only thing we can do is to create an atmosphere to propitiate that feeling and invigorate his / her energy level to higher echelons >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Art of Delegation    By: kishore thampi

    The Art of Delegation is simply breaking a job into workable components and entrusting the same to a group of competent individuals who cohesively completes the work. It is also part of Time Management. Effective delegation always helps in reducing the process time and elicits the collective brilliance, which is tantamount to the functioning of a well oiled machine. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Art of Building Relationships    By: kishore thampi

    The quality of life is determined by the quality of relationships that we maintain and this is true in respect of organisations as well. Relationships are the basis for all organisational behaviour >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Conference Speaking and How It Helps to Develop the Self    By: S Edwin

    Conference speakers not only help to improve other people, but also develop their own self through various means. Read all about this in this article. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Various Pre-Employment Tests That Can Be Used in Selecting a Person    By: S Edwin

    There are various pre-employment tests that can be used in selecting a person. Knowledge about these tests will help you to understand them better and overcome them. Read on to learn of these tests. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Factors That Will Help You to Save Time While at Work    By: Jo Justin

    There are various factors that help you to save time at work. This article lists those tips and implementing them will help you to improve yourself. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Strengths and Weaknesses: What You Can Change and What to Just Live With    By: Guest User

    Have you ever spent tons of time trying to improve something, only to become frustrated with the results? One reason that people find themselves frustrated with progress is that they try to improve their areas of weakness instead of capitalizing on areas that they already have some skill in. By focusing on your strengths, you can improve your personal and professional competencies. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Making Peace With Your Past    By: Guest User

    Healthy relationships require healthy people; if you are unsure of whether you can forgive yourself for something, how can you expect to develop trust that others will do the same? By focusing on a few key areas, you can begin to make peace with your past. >> Category: Self-Improvement

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