Imagine moving into a new locality. The first thing that we would be checking will be the hospitality of the people prevailing there. The camaraderie and the good will that ricochets from each person living there arguably sets the tone for taking a decision. This analogy can be extrapolated to explain one of the profoundest philosophies of life. "We get back what we give to the world". If we throw stones, we will be pelted with the same. Nonetheless, if we throw flowers, we will be bejeweled with the same. The warmth and the aura of nobility that we exude pragmatically helps in building everlasting relationships.

The city of Madurai is best known for its spectacular Hindu temples. Every year thousands of worshippers throng the city for pilgrimage. But in the recent past, Madurai attracted more visitors than pilgrims due to one reason - Aravind Eye Hospital. Founded in the year 1976 by Dr G Venkataswamy, a great philanthropist and an egalitarian, with the mission to eliminate needless blindness, Aravind Eye Hospital is now one of the largest, finest and most productive eye care facility in the world. Taking its compassionate services to the doorstep of rural India, Aravind's stunningly effective strategies vaulted barriers of distance, poverty and ignorance to create a self - sustaining system. But more than anything else it is the goodwill which Dr Venkataswamy still maintains with the people that has catapulted Aravind's phenomenal growth.

Genuinely wanting the goodness of others is a wonderful attitude and it propels the character hyperbole of a person to enviable heights. Even all our scriptures speak volumes about the essence of being a "Satvik", someone who perpetually emanates the vibes of positivity and kindness. And it is true that we always like to be associated with people who truly want our prosperity and happiness. Metaphorically, we can say that the essence of good will is all about seeing ourselves through the eyes of others.

The road ahead is very challenging and to reach the destination it is imperative to maintain the goodwill of each and every one who comes within our sphere of contact. As we reach out to the world, the world will embrace us with its arms outstretched.

When we extend our goodwill in every direction, regardless of the circumstances, we begin to see that we are all one - Lao Tzu

Let us take a cue from this and strive to keep the essence of good will alive in us.

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