Successful firms will be those adept in attracting, and retaining individuals with the skills, perspectives and experience necessary to drive a global business.
-Dave Ulrich

Imagine making others to share your dream, your passion and thus make them work as per you, with pleasure. That's the art of a true Manager, a true MOTIVATOR!

The question is...Is money everything for everybody or isn't money everything for everybody. Which means can money lure or motivate all?

So what was it that motivated people to spend their entire lifetime with just one company? Was it job security, a comfortable work life or employer loyalty.

If the same trend was to continue today, people would think that the individual is insane and not at all COOL!

With this very volatile environment, it becomes almost impossible to motivate employees to stick to just one company.

'Customer is King!' But, to practice this, employer must first acknowledge the interest of their internal customers; their employees, through good 'Internal marketing practices'. Thus, there is a premise that delighting the employees results into better chances of employees delighting the final customers; through 'Interactive marketing practices'. So, are we referring to job satisfaction or ensuring the employees that 'We care for you!'

Pampering the employees is the need of the hour! How? By encouraging 'Leaderless Leadership' i.e. responsibility amongst employees. Establishing a 'Learning Organisation', introducing an 'Intrapreneurial Environment' within an organisation, Initiatives towards Work Life Balance, Empowering employees, offering them the necessary Flexibility and making them responsible and accountable for their decisions. So that, they not only stand by their decision, but also ensure that their subordinates help by achieving the established short-term goals appropriately.

Employees' concern is the growth potential in the company i.e. 'Where am I going to be as a part of the organisation post five years?' and then 'Where is the organisation going to be five years later?' Thus, this is a crucial concern even for the employer.

'Establishment of a career growth' as an employer. By offering Incentives for further education, Sabbatical leave, Training and Development initiatives, Counselling etc.

Can one suggest ONE MAGNETIC MODEL to motivate all employees at large? The answer is a definite 'NO'. Each individual is different and so is each individual employee. It would be shrewd to say that each employee has a weak point and it is important for the manager to be able to identify the same. This is something that can help to motivate the employee only for the short run. But, for the long run only futuristic, proactive initiatives will be acknowledged by the employees.

About Author / Additional Info:
I am an Asst. Prof. with MET's Institute of Management.