The Social Machine will run smoothly if we maintain good social relations among ourselves. Individuals must be good and understanding as a fundamental social pre-condition. There is a need for certain skills which will be conducive to the building of harmonious social relations. The soft skills are not like the hard skills, or the general efficiency in the performance of work, but they are also proved of immense importance in the performance of the allocated work. The soft skills establish their usefulness in our inter-action with our immediate neighbor and a fellow human being. We become acceptable and we also accept our neighbor with his individual fallacies, if we are able to cultivate the required soft skills.

Our entire day-to-day dealings depend on the mastering of the social skills. It is exhorted that a quarrelsome nature is detrimental to the achieving of the desired result and that we have to get rid of such of the weaknesses of our nature which may hamper our progress in our career. They tell us that the men next door may after all be human beings and we have to bear with their deficiencies and build good neighborly relations with them.

The soft skills make us agile, adaptable and creative. They act as constant reminders of our social responsibilities. We learn to greet some one whom we come across and converse with a stranger and we reveal our minds with all clarity, if we possess these skills to an advantageous level. We can communicate with a colleague efficiently well if we are able to cultivate the corresponding soft skill.

To summarize the advantages, we can say with an assurance that there is a better communicative ability coming with soft skills. We learn to listen to the other man and we also learn to negotiate with him and work out a harmonious relationship. We learn social etiquette and we develop a positive work ethic. There is an overhauling change in our attitude. People with hard skills can be found some where, but different is the case with soft skills. In brief, our inter-personal skills, motivational skills and communication skills are generally categorized as soft skills and are held in great esteem in the present day Corporate Management.

It is inevitable for any man to think of cultivating soft skills and each one of us will come to know that they are to our advantage, if we can put them in our practice. We have to be good communicators and most importantly, we should wear a good face to stand out prominently among many in this highly-competitive world.

About Author / Additional Info:
the author is the retired principal of a degree college and is working as a guest lecturer in a PG college,khammam,AP,India