Change the way you perceive and you will see the world around you change. Happiness and contentment go hand in hand. Be contented and happiness will follow. One should be contended to that extent that the mere sense of living should be a joy enough. But being contented doesnt imply that you sit back and relax. It only means that you should not be disheartened or dejected if things do not turn out to be in your favour. It sure will make you feel that way but regain yourself as soon as you can. Be confident and know that perfection is a worthy , if impossible goal and by attempting to achieve it one may transcend those who do not even bother to try. For this self improvement in every walk of life is a must. It is an on-going process.Self - improvement is all about fostering the good relationships and sharing our unique gifts with others. Nobody should hold you back from reaching your potential and that includes you.

We all live lives of infinite potential but few of us make the most of what we have got. The banality of everyday life takes over and we become stuck in a rut. We only start to exist rather than thrive and leave the world with a pathetic whimper instead of a colossal bang. Improvement within ourselves is the need of the hour. Steal a few minutes from your uber busy schedule each day , sit back , introspect and evaluate yourself. Is there a habit in you which you know is wrong but which you cant seem to get rid of ? Is there something which constantly pricks your conscience ? Is there something which you regret doing? Do you feel puerile at times? Is there something around you which you want to be changed , but do not seem to have the guts to make the right effort or speak to the right person? If the answer to these questions is yes you certainly need to work upon yourself first to make the difference.

Speak up , before it is too late , self confidence is the key. Have faith in yourself and your abilities and you are sure to reach the zenith. A perplexed individual can never find the right direction , can never succeed which is a dangerous setback because confusion gives way to anger , frustration and insecurity. To take the right decisions , it is of utmost importance to have a cool head and to get rid of fear and nervousness. Meditation is the key to wipe that unwanted fear from your life. Spending even a few minutes in meditation can restore your calm and inner peace. It balances both your emotional well - being and your mental health. It increases self awareness and helps in getting rid of that emotional baggage which constantly hovers over you. Though meditation is largely recognized as a spiritual practice , it has an innumerable number of health benefits as well. Life can get so busy that you do not have time to really think about what you want out of life and when you actually realize it ,it might seem impossible to achieve it. Therefore it is important to live with intention and purpose. It is important to find your calling and live it. That is the way you can get what you really want.

Discipline yourself. Set limitations and make sure you stay within your set bounds. You do not need anybody to keep an eye on you and find your follies. You are your own master. Live your life with a bang. Do not be afraid to take risks and you will surely go a long way.

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