Life goes on.. People move on.. But do we ??
Quite a tough call.
Certainly its not life which changes. Its the people who change.
Some come, some go. We face a lot in this short little life. But all we gain in this short life is experience.

Each and every thing in life teaches us something. From a small kid to an old age man. From a small plant to a big tree. From a beggar to a rich man.
All have something to tell, something to teach.
Life is not about the killing time. Its about making each and every second in life count.
We flow in life just like the tides. Sometimes its a high tide while sometime its a low tide.
But whatever it is, a high or a low it comes with experience.
People say the good time is short lived while the bad times just dont leave us and then all we blame is destiny.
Thats not true. Its us who are to be blamed for what we do , what we face.

Our karma decides our destiny.
We do good, we get good.
We do bad , we get the worse. Actually bad, but people themselves make it worse.
On every birthday we grow an year older and think how stupid we were an year before, but come on we will think the same next year as well.
Yet again, what we gain is experience.
This is the reason we consult elders in every problem, in good or bad.
Because they have seen and faced much more than we have.
They have seen life from a much broader perspective.
But in the end we have to make ourselves strong enough to face it all.
Life itself teaches us all. We meet so many people. No single person is the same.every one has a different life, a different viewpoint, a different goal, a different style.
Each and every one is unique.
Like no one can be gandhi ji, no one can be hitler, no one can be you also.

People meet us, they talk to us. They teach us.
Teach us what the other person did not.
Life is not only about learning from your own mistakes, its about learning from others mistakes as well.
The more we face, the more we become strong. The more we become strong, the more we become immune.
Its a true sayin - jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai.
Sahi kehte hain.
Atleast we get to learn something.
Our parents teach us, most of the time we dont hear.
Even they give up saying that we will not understand till we dont face it ourselves.
Thats true.

Till we dont fall, till we dont get up our own , we dont learn.
Its just that we have to be strong again to get up.
Now here it completes a cycle.
Fall - become strong - get up - experience
and again , fall - become strong - get up - experience.

Wo kehte hain na :
" khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehle ,
khuda bande se pooche< bata vbande teri raza kya hai !! "

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