The early conception about dreams ......

The conception of the dream that was held in prehistoric ages by primitive people, and the influence which it may have exerted on the formation of their conceptions of the universe, and of the soul, is a theme of such great interest to the modern day psychologists. A reminiscence of the concept of the dream that was held in primitive times seems to be very interesting. The people then took it for granted that the dreams were related to the world of the supernatural beings in which they believed, and that they brought inspirations from the gods and demons. Moreover, it appeared to them that dreams must serve a special purpose in respect of the dreamer; that, as a rule, they predicted the future.

The extraordinary variations in the content of dreams, and in the impressions which they produced on the dreamer, made it, of course, very difficult to formulate a coherent conception of them, and necessitated manifold ramifications based on their value and reliability. But one thing for sure, from time immemorial, people believed that dreams were the pathfinders to future.

The way our dreams changed over the years....

Dreams are part and parcel of our lives. If we reminisce back to our childhood days, we might have dreamt about transforming into the comic book super heroes, flying over the mountains and valleys, trying frantically to save the earth from the evil force. As we gravitated to college, our dreams got changed in its texture as priorities changed in life. Best job, the perfect matrimonial alliance, the dream house, the dream car .....the list seems to go on and on. As long as the human intellect is intact, there is not going to be any dearth in imagination. Dreams always make a beginning in a direction that represents the future.

"Vision is the art of seeing things invisible" said Jonathan Swift.

Everything that we see around is the end result of someone's dream. The advancements that mankind has made all these years are the conscious efforts of a few competent people who saw to it that their dreams are transformed into reality. Dreams remain as mere notions, unless we act upon it. How many of us have chased our dreams? How many of us have got a personal mission / vision in life? Life is too short and it will be over before we even realize it. We if we do not capitalize on the opportunities that keeps coming our way, then the battle will lost even before it has started.

"Dreams maketh a man" says the wise men of yester years. Is it true? When Narayan Murthy started Infosys, he just had a handful of people with him. But he had a dream and a vision for Infosys, which ultimately catapulted the organization to the current stature. His conviction and his ability to see the "invisible future" makes him one of the most revered and successful leaders of the present era. If we start believing in our dreams with a child like faith and pursue, then nothing is going to stop us from achieving it.

Overcoming the obstacles .....

Everything that we want in life is waiting outside our comfort zone. We just need to stretch our arms and reach for it. When we stay within our comfort zone we limit ourselves to experiencing the things that are already part of our life. The only way to change these circumstances is to step out of the comfort zone and explore the unexplored. Because only there we will find everything that we wanted, be it better health, money or a personal goal. The more we venture out of our comfort zone and experience that feeling, the more we gravitate close to making our dreams transform into reality.

When one door closes, another one opens. But we often look so long and regretfully at the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us. Failures are the greatest impediments to the realization of ones dreams. We often lose our heart when we realize that things are not going the way we want. We never bother to put in extra efforts or try to find alternate solutions to reach our goal. The end result is a shattered dream and a life without any direction. Here, we need to take a cue from the characteristics of ants.

If we try blocking a stream of ants with our finger, they will find an alternate route or negotiate our fingers and proceed with their journey. If we try to rattle their formation, they will come back together in no time and continue their march. In short, nothing can deter them from their goal. No matter what we do, the ants still manage to proceed towards the intended destination. If we extrapolate this analogy to our lives, we can conjure that there is no smooth sailing in life. The journey of life is interspersed with a plethora of impediments. We need to work around these obstacles and continue our journey towards our purported goal / dreams. With each passing obstacles, our goals / dreams may appear even nearer and brighter.

Dreams become reality when it's supported by direction, dedication and determination.

On July 4, 1952, Florence Chadwick was on her way to becoming the first woman to swim the Catalina Channel. She had already conquered the English Channel. The world was watching with bated breath. Chadwick fought the dense fog, the chilling cold and many times, the deadly sharks. She was striving hard to reach the shore but every time she looked through her goggles, all she could see was the dense fog. Unable to see the destination, she gave up. Chadwick was grief stricken when she found out that she was barely half a mile from the coast. She quit, not because she was a quitter but because her goal was not in sight anywhere. These mishaps did not stop her. Two months later, she went back and swam the Catalina Channel. This time, in spite of the bad weather, she had her goal in mind and not only accomplished the feat successfully but beat the men's record by two hours.

On the best sunny day, even the most powerful magnifying glass will not light the paper if we keep moving the glass. But if we focus and hold it, the paper will definitely light up. Similarly, when we focus and pursue our dreams with a passion, we will surely be able to achieve it and brighten up our future considerably.

Reaching for it.....

An eagle was once brought up along with chickens. So he never knew anything about flying. One day he saw a group of eagles flying high in the sky and wished he could be with them, amidst the cottony clouds. But each time the eagle aired his dreams, he was told that it was not possible. Finally the eagle succumbed to these negative inputs and continued living the life of a chicken. "We become what we think we are". The onus is on us to decide whether to live the life of a chicken or an eagle. The potential is very much there in each of us to soar high. We just need to stretch our wings and fly!

We do not know what dreams may come true. But if we ever want to live the life of an eagle, we need to follow our dreams.

Let us dream Big!!!

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