Some memories make us cry and some make us smile all by ourselves. These are the sweet feelings for what the life becomes worthwhile to live for. Everyone in this world has some memories to live for and some die for. When an incident happens with us it has got many folded effect on our lives. Even an incident may affect the lives of our near and dear ones.

Our memories play very effective roles in our lives. If one has the patience to feel and enjoy every moment of life in a more speculative way, then it is possible to know the games that life plays with us. We are here to experience each and every moment of life. Life is a journey where every coming moment is mysteriously unsure. Actually if some one tells that he/she is quite sure of what will happen in his/her life then he/she may be just fooling around. That person has not experienced actual life yet. Life has many things to teach us. It depends on us how much we are willing to learn or experience. If we enjoy life as it is, the true nature of the world and life will unfold in front of us.

Everyone in this world has rich memories from childhood. At that time if we try to remember, we will notice that we used to be happy with very small and natural things. Like seeing a butterfly might have used to make us immensely happy when we were very young. When we grow up that butterfly becomes very ordinary and we even tend to neglect noticing it. The priority of life tends to change from those simple and natural things. Priority tends to circle around some artificial and complicated factors as we grow up. The natural touches get lost amidst all these complexities. If we can stimulate those childhood feelings and memories of our own life, we will realize that our memories and past experiences can teach us how to live. Our own memories can teach us how to be happy in real sense. Whatever experiences in our past life used to make us truly happy, we can at least try to re-live those moments again.

Everyone has different understanding of happiness. For someone singing can be the true happiness, for someone getting good percentage in exams can be happiness, for someone earning lots of money can be happiness etc. Happiness may result in achievements also. But most of these are materialistic examples. Happiness is a state of mind and it should be pure. If one gets up early in the morning and looks at the sunrise from the front yard that can be true sense of eternal happiness. That morning happiness will transform through the whole day as a new form of energy. Like this many pure form of happiness can be felt to live life in a more beautiful and natural way. We can try to revive our childhood simplicity again in our lives to avoid modern day tensions and stress. Work complicacies and societal pressure will be totally tolerable if we give less importance to them. If we try to change our priorities then life will become more precious and simple. Childhood memories can be an easy way to rejuvenate our stressful lives. At least, we can try to implement that simplicity once again in our lives so that we can experience life to its fullest prospective.

When we were younger some small and effortless events used to color our lives. We were more physically active. So health wise also we were in much better position. Mind is the main force and to maintain a healthy physique we have to be first mentally happy, fit and positive. If we get involved in minimum physical movements like climbing stairs, morning walk, walking our children to the school if nearby, walking for shopping, playing with our children etc; these will also make our mind stress free and in turn invigorate us to maintain a healthy life. We should try to pursue our childhood hobby. Actually to learn something, one never grows old. Age does not matter when one is interested to pursue something in life. It is the feeling of that completeness which will surely make life worth living in a new and positive way. Even any new hobby can be also pursued. Actually it is the feel of that learning and adding some different perception to our life. Age is actually in one's mind. So by being a student to any hobby or interest one may try to rejuvenate life. A body ages in much faster way, if one feels that in mind. But in same age, a person may behave and look much younger if he/she feels younger in mind. It is actually the mindset of a person that shows as age. So it is very obvious, that everything is in mind. We need to keep our mind fresh and lively to lead a purposeful, healthy and enjoyable life. To have a positive mind we need to be in optimistic environment as much as possible. If possible we should try to avoid anything that we don't like. It will differ from person to person.

Every day some time alone for own introspection or anything one likes to do should be kept/managed as a step towards mind refreshment. This little time everyday will add an extra zing to life. We all know that, even a little physical exercise daily is enough to maintain a healthy and fit life. For mental health we need to put little effort by trying to remain truly happy for some time daily. By this little physical and mental endeavor we can lead a happy and healthy life. We have to first love life, love ourselves, and then we will be able to extend love around us. In return life will love us, and the people around us will love us. An innocent smile of a little child is infectious. So we should try to awake the innocent child within us. Every adult has the child sleeping inside. Any grown up person has passed the childhood, which may not be always pleasing. But everyone has the notion of a pleasing childhood. One may have a struggling/non- desirable childhood but then we can say that he/she is also in advantageous position as he/she knows that the elements which were according to that person should not have been experienced. So, one may try to use the disadvantages of childhood to his/her advantage by just trying to feel/do the opposite of those things at least. So if we try to revive those memories it will not be that difficult. The whole situation and the environment may be different and first when we will try to exercise this practice, things may feel absurd but it's all right. Everything we are doing is once new and a bit odd. With time the whole thing will be normal and life will be much improved and happy. We are doing this for us and our near and dear one. So let's wake up the child in every one of us.....!!!

"Cheers" to a fresh life in a new world!!!

About Author / Additional Info:
An attempt to write about some ways to redefine life with easy and simple feelings.