At some point of time in our life , we start thinking about , how we live ; whether any change is required in our way of living ; may be by force or by choice ; what changes need to be made ; what will be the effect of these proposed changes etc.

If this thought process can come at an early stage in our life , it will enable us to take almost full control of our life. Else , we may go with the tide and if lucky , we may even sail smooth.

From my experience in life , i noticed there are different categories of people.

For some persons , things are planned by parents or well wishers. They just follow that path . Of course , they put their full effort and lead a good life.

For some , neither they are able to help themselves, nor do they get anybody to help or guide them. They just managed to make ends meet and live , without any serious goals and if lucky still manage to live well.

From above , it may seem , as if no effort is required from us, to live well. Only luck is required !!!.

If we take military service , there are rules to follow ; somewhat too strict, if we can say.

On the other hand in civilian life, rules may be a bit relaxed.

But to avoid in the chaos in the world, a bit if rules and regulations are to be followed , knowingly or just by practice.

If we are ready to work in the country of our birth , requirements may be a just some qualification , knowledge and communication skills.

If we want to go to another country, visa rules, language known, work permit rules, health issues , international driving licence...left drive or right drive etc may have to eb taken care of.

Again the individual , if he has specific motives /aims , viz work in research and development , military, teaching, computer industry, banking etc , accordingly qualification and experience will be a matter of necessity.

Now let us on again have a look at the title viz self improvement.

Where it fits in ?

Now that we have seen people have got a choice to make viz whether it live life as it flows ; or to decide the path to take and accordingly go in that of life.

In the second category, self improvement will be a compulsory factor to know and follow.

What are the things in which improvements can be made and how to get those improvements done.

First factor could be exercise or physical fitness. Here there are long term and short term measures. Running a marathon could be done once in a while. On a weekly basis swimming could be taken up. Jogging or running for short distances could be a daily affair. March past also could be added in the daily routine. in addition , religious activity could also add up viz namaz, kneel down prayer, kuttukaranam, thoppu karnam etc.

Second aspect could be communication skills. This could include language learning, improving speaking and writing skills. in speaking , accent could be a major factor, based on the language and the country. Also knowledge of the field of operation will also be crucial as without knowledge , words will not suffice.

Dressing is another area to concentrate . If we dress well , we can make the first impression , a good one. Then only the factors can take over.

Cleanliness is another area , which cannot be ignored . Avoiding sweating/ sweat smell , maintaining nails clean , combing hair in the right acceptable way , Shoes being polished and spic and span etc, will also aid in carrying ourselves well .

About Author / Additional Info:
It is the opinion of the author , based on his experience in life.