There is a burgeoning debate on what constitutes the vital ingredient for success. The Management Gurus are wracking their brains to find out a One-Stop formula for success. Is it attitude? Is it effort? Or is it just pure luck? It is very difficult to pinpoint on one particular aspect which often catapults one to success. But one thing, on which all the progressive thinkers were able to reach a consensus was that "Success is never an individual phenomenon". It is a string of events in ones life, involving different people, which weaves together to form the conduit to success. The word "People" is very important as it concerns "You" and "Me", who are the vital ingredients to an organizational/individual success.

Imagine maneuvering your vehicle through a heavily traffic congested area. You may have to jostle around to make your own way through the maddening rush. On the contrary, imagine breezing through on a fly over, above the chaos and confusion down below. You will probably reach the destination in a jiffy, without any hassle. The Flyover Effect is nothing but to rise above the pandemonium and the inequities in life and see the larger picture of glory and magnificence. We quite often meet such people who render a different perspective to our thinking and action. They refine our thought process and usher in clarity and direction. They help us to rise above the problems and visualize the end result. In fact they are the true leaders who act like the flyovers in the journey of our lives. We can also be that vital ingredient in someone's life. We can be their flyovers. For that we just need to help others understand their latent potential and talent.

Would Sachin Tendulkar have reached the pinnacle of success without Ramakant Achrekar, his coach and mentor? It is arguable. Smt. P T Usha gives the entire credit of her success to her coach Nambiar. Sri. Narayana Murthy (Infosys) has positioned himself as the Chief Mentor to develop and nurture talent. All these great men are like flyovers in the lives of many people. They have helped people to realize their dreams.

If we want, we can also be like these great men and be the flyover in the lives of many people. The opportunity is there. We only need to grab it.

We can always guess the number of seeds in an apple. But it is almost impossible to guess the number of apples one seed can produce. Human potential is like that. It is infinite. Let us make a conscious effort to help people to realize their own potential. Let us help them to unleash it. Let us help them to stride on the path of excellence.

As rightly said, "Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow".

Let us help people to see the glory of the future that beholds.

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