Dreams we see during sleep,
Fade away on waking up.
But the dreams we see with our hearts,
Go on with each day.

When asked the question, "What is your ambition?" most common answers are doctor, engineer, pilot, computer professional etc. But I feel that these professions are designated as ambitions, only because of the colourful future they seem to offer in terms of status and money.

But if one is asked about what dream he has in life, he will reply only if he is absolutely interested and passionate about something. It is what he intends to do throughout his life. He is doing it for the sole reason that he loves doing it.

Dreams give us a purpose in life. Dreams are based on our innermost desires, skills and inclinations. A dreamer will always have the feeling that he has to use his time meticulously in contributing at least one ounce per day in following his dream.

From what I have seen, I feel that ambitious people score over dreamers in terms of number. Most work hard day and night only for earning the green. People should start thinking what interests them most in life and start working on that. Even those who have a stable career or are working towards one, need to spend some time on his/her real interests. It develops zeal and enthusiasm and makes life worth living.

A life without a dream is worthless. You may have heard from numerous elders that life without goals can lead you nowhere. At first I was unwilling to accept this fact as I didn't have a focused goal and think about what I wanted to become. But when I found out what I loved doing, I knew I had a bright life ahead. I knew what I enjoy doing most and I had a real source of happiness.

This may all seem a bit fanciful and whimsical. I'm not saying that we should stop working for money. Apart from securing our financial future, we should have other interests and desires. And if we are intent on it, our much relished hobbies can become a lifetime career. A bathroom singer can become a stage figure if singing is the heart and soul of the person. A person who likes to adorn his notebooks with snippets of written pieces can become a world-acclaimed writer one day. A few recreational strokes of the paintbrush or a few minutes spent playing the guitar can lead one on the road of successful talents.

Any career will not give the due satisfaction if there is lack of interest. Success stories of different people establish this fact. A recent article I had read about a teacher said how passionate he was about teaching and was happy to have settled in this job. A person with inbuilt designing instincts shows all interest in his job in graphics and web designing.

Here people have dreamt of doing something and are now doing it in the name of a paid job. What can give one more satisfaction?

Dreams are not just about attaining a goal in a specified time. It is about the joy one experiences on working his way to his dream. We don't know when our life ends and it might be too late before we attain what we dreamt about. But that doesn't matter. Because the real joy lies in the exhilarating feeling of following your dream. Life is all about contentment and happiness. And if we can get them both in following our dream, we have lived a successful life.

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