Imagine going for a long journey. Our preparedness would include packing the right things in the right measure. If we pack too many things then our baggage may become a burden for us. Life is just like that. It is a long journey. If we do not pack our baggage (Mind) judiciously, then life is going to be burdensome. Instead of packing it with our worries and negativities, we need to usher in positivity and optimism. We need to learn to think progressively by sculpting our mind - by shedding that excess baggage of hatred, envy and anger. This process of refining our thought process should be a perpetual phenomenon in our life.

What is clarity of thought? A sculpturor may see a beautiful sculpture in a piece of granite. A porter may see a beautiful vase in a heap of clay. A guru may see the latent brilliance in his disciple. It is always the end product which matters. The ability to see the light at the other end of the tunnel, through the haze of uncertainty and inhibitions is called as Clarity of thought. A progressive mind fizzles out the mental blocks and breaks free from the shackles. It rises above the putative constrained thinking and sees the world in a whole new perspective, giving it new dimensions and directions. If we stand in front of a mountain, we would be able to see only a huge wall of stone. But if we climb up to the top of the mountain, what we see is an entirely different world. We always need to rise above the impediments in life and see things differently. That's Progressive Thinking!

Cleansing our mind and the purgation of our negativities are not easy tasks. The spiritual guru Rajaneesh, popularly know as "OSHO", used to prescribe an easy way to cleanse our mind. This technique is slightly deviant from the normal meditative endeavours. Imagine standing on the sea shore with the vast expanse of the sea before us. Every time a wave comes and touches our feet, imagine that it carries away our negativities with it. The effervescent water cleanses our mind, body and soul and over a period of time, there will be nothing left to cleanse. You will be in perfect harmony with the sea and its waves. EGO, which is often one of the greatest impediments to progressive thinking, is tamed through this process. Standing in front of the massive ocean will make us realize how inconsequential we are. Like the clear water in front of us, slowly our mind also cuts through the nebulous haze of worries and inequities and ushers in clarity and transparency to our thought process. When we curtail our negative strains, our energy gets channalised to more positive things and will ultimately help us think more progressively.

Thinking progressively is also thinking about the future. What the future holds depends on how we act and react today. It is true that progress is an activity of today and an assurance of tomorrow. The New Year beckons us with opportunities galore. Let us capitalize on this and see what best we can do to achieve personal excellence

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