Death Bed Confessions

Many people live their entire lives doing just what they desire to do. Perversion and sexual abuse runs rampant in peoples lives. Sin is attractive and many live their lives indulging in the lust of the flesh. They think that before they did they will ask God to forgive them and all of their past will be erased. Personally I would not want to take such a chance and wait until just before I die to ask God to come into my life and forgive me. That chance is much too great. No one knows what tomorrow may bring. A person could be killed in an air crash, an auto crash, shot and die instantly. What if you do not have the time to ask God for forgiveness? Isn't that a risk that is too great to take?

I knew a man who drank alcohol all of his life and lived it as a drunk. He never lived a sober moment. Then he developed cancer and began to lose weight. The doctors did all they could to help but they could not heal this man. Moments before his death he asked for a preacher to come and to lead him into the sinners prayer. He wanted to be sure he entered the gates of glory. The minister came and spoke with him. He accepted Jesus knowing he was dying and death was imminent. God forgives the worst of sinners but what a waste of a human life.

I know a man who smoked for over forty years. The doctors begged him for over twenty years to stop smoking or he was going to die. He told the doctors he was going to smoke as long as he lived. He refused surgery to remove a blockage from his leg. Then his leg began to break out in tennis sized blisters. They would burst and the fluids leak into his shoes. Finally the doctors bandaged his leg weekly for years to keep the fluid from flowing out his leg. He still smoked. Then the doctors told him that he was going to lose his leg because his circulatory system was shutting down. Still he smoked. At last he became depressed and needed medication to get through the day. He became so worried he could not function. He began to lose weight rapidly and could not eat. Still he smoked. The last stage was to remove his leg and hope it would be enough circulation to keep him alive. Still he smoked. Death was approaching him at a very rapid rate. He knew he was dying but would not give up his cigarettes. What an awful way to live life and to die from the use of an item that has been known to destroy millions of lives daily. Can he ask for forgiveness before he takes his last breath? Yes indeed but what a waste of a life God gave.

How many lives are wasted totally each day or each week? What must God think as He watches the temple He created being slowly destroyed? Personally I would not want to take the chance of a death bed confession. I may not have time to confess all of my sins. I do not want to leave one single sin un confessed.
I pray that this reaches someone who and God will speak to them about this topic. Perhaps a life can be saved. I pray so!

Written by Sybil Shearin
North Carolina published Author

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