A leader is to lead others and he has possess some qualities which is very important to take the group meet the goals. They are:

1. Character:
Be a piece of the rock. A leader of good character takes the group to the right path. Leadership is the capacity to rally men and women to a common purpose and character inspires confidence. Dag hammers says "never for the sake of peace be quiet, deny your own expectations and convictions"

2. Charisma: The first impression can seal the deal.

3. Communication: A leader has to communicate in simple words and not complicate simple things. He needs to what to communicate and to whom and how to communicate

4. Competence: It is the leader's ability to say it and do it in such a way that others know that you know how and that they want to follow you. A leader needs to competent in skills and know more than what others know.

5. Discernment: A leader should put an end to unsolved mysteries. Smart leaders believe only half of what they hear. Discerning leaders know with half to believe.

6. Courage: This guarantees all others .A leader is willing to take risks no matter how big the problem is.

7. Generosity: Giving is the highest level of living. A leader needs to be a generous giver.

8. Initiative: A leader should take initiative in doing things. Successful people keep moving

9. Listening: He needs to listen and consider the problems of the people. To connect with their hearts The leader has to use his ears .The ear of the leader should ring with the voices of the people.

10. Commitment: A leader has to be committed in his work and need to keep his people prior to any work.

11. Passion: Take this life and love "should be his moto of living .

12. Positive attitude: Lay firm foundation With the bricks others have thrown at him. If you believe ,you can ,you can .Accordingly the leader has to take things positively and face life irrespective of failures or success.

13. Problem solving:"You can let your problem be a problem "A leader is known or measured by the problem he tackles.

14. Relationships: "If you get along they get along" John.C.Maxwell says "People don't care how much you know ,until they know how much you care" Therefore a good leader maintains good relationships with the group and gets along with the group.

15. Responsibility: "If you won't carry the ball, you can't lead the team" John.C.Maxwell also says that a leader can give anything except final responsibility. Take the responsibility with courage.

16. Security: Competence never compensates for insecurity

17. Self discipline:
The first person you lead is you. Plato says that the first and best victory is to conquer yourself. First the leader has to discipline and control himself.

18. Servanthood: To get ahead, put others first". A leader has to love his people more than his position.

19. Teachability:
To keep leading ,keep learning, Its what you learn after you know it all that counts.

20. Vision: John wooden says "You can seize only what you can". Vision comes from passion.

Thus a leader has to excel in all the things mentioned to be a successful .Leadership comes by practice and it is not a one day experience.

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