Me, mine, myself all these words depict a singular person who says it.
God created the whole world with so many forms of life most special being the humans. He granted them with all the feelings, emotions and abilities. But as every spring has autumn with it similarly good feelings were followed by bad also.

When a man was born he had a tendency to look after himself only but gradually the feeling of love made man to live for others Man lived happily but we know that excess of everything is bad and too much of westernization, education and increased facilities made man selfish.
Yes, this 7 letter word can change a person totally.

Now in 21st century when man has developed himself to such a great extent that instead of WE he has reduced himself to ME.

This shows that yes history do repeat itself just the form changes. First man used to live for himself and he is doing the same thing now also but in a modern way.
In every field this selfishness has occurred and all the fights, wars etc. are due to this single nature of a person. Can u think now how dangerous it is? The most common example is increasing nuclear families.People think shorter the family higher will be the standard of living but forget about their moral standard going down day by day due to this selfishness.

When a child is born he is very innocent and is like wet clay which can be moulded in any form but parents have no time for this either as they are again busy with their own life. So the child moulds himself and thinks only about himself as he follows what he sees around.
This way the world is becoming selfish day by day and one day we all will realize it but time never gives a second chance so better late than never.

In today's world people have become so selfish that they can even sell their parents or children for their food just as animals do.
What can be worse than this?

I conclude my words by saying
"I wanted to change the world but what i can be sure of changing is myself and then i will be sure that there is one selfish less in the world"

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