We don't know how it is so that a majority of us are a sensitive lot, when it comes to accepting criticism. Even minor and harmless criticism may smite us and we find the existence of an enemy in every corner and we find an antagonizing force even in a friend. We suspect that each of their words has a hidden meaning. We suffer from a sense of persecution and a feeling that we stand alone, in the face of a great threat.

When we are in the midst of a heated conversation with friends, we develop within ourselves a skeptic feeling, whether all of them are capable of receiving criticism also, in addition to praise. We are curious to assess how many of those around do take in some criticism. There is a response from many that they don't mind being preached at. But, when the real issue develops, how many are ready to undergo an analysis and make a correction, if a mistake is pointed at?
We pass into a deep state of dejection with just a pinch of criticism. It is as though we have lost the entire world. Life for us must be a smooth-sailing and we are accustomed to being pleased. But, if there is a slight reversal, we are not able to accept it with equanimity. If it is a routine social life, with an exchange of pleasantries, we are not averse to it. But, if things go adrift a bit, we are not able to stand.

When we become sulky and sullen, it is day-long. But, curiously, a happy feeling lasts for a brief while. We wonder why it is not other way round.

It is very easy to preach the Bhagavad Gita, but it is difficult making the Holy Book a portion and parcel of our life. It is so difficult for us to remain unruffled in the face of praise as well as criticism .We receives an elated feeling on being praised and we have a total loss of control, if we are subjected to a searching analysis. We have to maintain our composure, even if unfair remarks are hurled at us and we are also to examine the remarks for any possible fairness. If there is a need for correction, we should bring in the necessary rectification. We should not ever ignore the possibility that we may goof again and again, in view of our human element and we are all fallible. The remark from Somerset Maugham is caustic that when people ask us for criticism, they only want praise in stead.If there is an occasion for some introspection, let us come out in readiness and subject ourselves to a correction and let us not shy out.As a matter of fact, Life just is a process of evolution and it acquires completeness only on a check and a re-check.

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The Author is the retired Principal of a Degree College and he presently is a Guest Lecturer at Colleges and teaches English Language and Literature.He offers career-counselling at shiksha.com and writes on the aspects of personality development.