Any bad feeling of low self esteem happens because we allow it to happen, and it has nothing to do with how we were brought up or what our parents did etc. Eleanor Roosevelt is well known for her statement "no one can make you feel bad without your permission" it is interesting how human beings try to blame others for what they have control over and what they could not manage for one reason or the other. Take stock of the things you need to do and take control of your life, since you are the only one who can control you... not your circumstances or your past. You need positive thinking even in the worst of circumstances to help you apply the right kind of energy in your life.

Positive thinking is a matter of practice; doing it over and over again, even when you do not have the feeling of thinking positively. It also entails the maintenance of the right company of people who are positive thinkers. Over a long period of time, you will improve your self image and be a better person if you keep it up. Granted, you will have stress in your life but the attitude you will employ under the stress will determine how far you will go. You can run away or stay in denial but none of this will help. Facing your challenges with an objective mind calls for positive thinking, which is good for anyone.

To become a positive thinker, you have to see the silver lining in everything that comes your way, even the worst of challenges. Most of the people who have low self esteem and are consequently shy and withdraw do not see anything good in themselves and do not achieve their true potentials. Thinking positively is a choice, one can choose to think positively about his physical features or not. Taking a look at your mirror everyday and affirming to yourself that you look good and feel good will go a long way in helping you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

When you are a positive thinker, you will look at the challenges you have objectively and you will work on them as they come. You will work to remove the obstacles in your path and exercise the virtue of patience and fortitude as well. On the other hand, a negative thinker will adopt a defeatist attitude and lose a match before the first whistle is blown.

One of the parts of positive thinking involves the recognition of the talents and abilities you may have. Thanks to technology and the internet age, the world is a melting pot of talents and abilities and you will not miss an exit point for all the passions you have. Someone somewhere will appreciate your talents and abilities and probably pay for them as well and it may take some time to reach there, hence the need to keep a positive mindset in the face of all the challenges that will come your way.

Having a positive mindset will also help with your physical health. Everything stems from the mind and anything that controls the mind will control the physical side of a person. If you are controlled by a negative attitude, you will not be proactive in eliminating the challenges that affect you one by one. For anyone with a positive attitude, a huge problem is seen as a small challenge. Dividing it into smaller problems and dealing with them one by one is one of the ways of dealing with a problem, and this is how a positive thinker will see his challenges. A positive thinker will see defeat as one of the outcomes of his ventures and will accept defeat when nothing can be done but he will not get demoralized. A negative thinker will always see himself as a good-for-nothing person with nothing to offer the rest of the world when he is defeated in any venture. A positive thinker will always look at his challenges from all the views possible while a negative thinker is one sided. Think about it, your attitude towards anything will determine how far you will go. Develop a positive mindset for success in all your endeavors.

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