Potential is the bundled up latent forces in us, waiting to be unleashed. Each one of us has got an enormous capacity to accomplish our aspirations. But to do that we need to believe in ourselves. We need to think big and act accordingly. If we go to ocean with just one bucket, we will get only one bucketful of water. But if we go with 1000 buckets, the ocean will give us 1000 buckets of water. Thinking big is all about recognizing our innate beauty and power. It is about realizing our celestial prominence. It is the key to understanding and unleashing our potential.

Life is a great gift to relish. Everyone has got a mission to complete. Everyone has got a rationale to their existence. If we do not realize the purpose of our existence, then we will never be able to unleash our potential. The quintessential question that often burgeons in our mind is "What is it that we want to do with our life"? What is it that we really crave to achieve and accomplish in life? If we can confidently answer these questions, then we have truly realized our potential. It is imperative to have a mission and a direction to our lives. To understand our mission/focus, we need to constantly introspect and cogitate. Churn out the inequities and the misgivings which deter us from the theme of our life. What will we do if we have enough money to live for a life time? What regrets will we have when we are lying in our death bed? These intriguing thoughts often help us to align ourselves to our life goals and aspirations. Being aware of our actions and its ramifications on our missions will enlighten us about the lacuna in our approach. It will help us to redirect our energies to the areas/ work which will facilitate in unlocking our potential.

It is true that the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves is to live in the present. But are we able to do that? We often deride our focus and values by living in the past. We carry with us the baggage of our past and the burden of future. We often forget to live in the present. When we start living in the present, only then we will be able to capitalize on the opportunities that are coming our way. Everyone makes mistakes. As it is rightly said "To err is human". But everything depends on how quickly we come out of it. Live in the present and watch the future unfold in front of you. To unleash our potential we must focus on each moment of our lives. We must live everyday as if it is the last day of our lives. By doing this our horizon of life expands and gravitates to fruition. Everyday becomes an eternity and every minute precious and rejuvenating.

We all live in an imperfect world. Nobody is perfect. Everyone comes with their baggage of imperfections. If we seriously analyze the myriad relationships that we have, we will find that it is always the cute little imperfections in others which we really cherish. We may be not be having many things in life but let us always focus on what we have. Let us not be perturbed by our inopportunity. Cherish everyday, every moment and let us invoke the positive energy in us. Look at the brighter aspect of everything and try to enjoy the subtle nuances of life.

Jalaludin Rumi, the great Sufi mystic, once said "When you see a big white cloth with a black dot, what do you see? If you focus on the black dot, that is things which you lack, then it begins to look much bigger than it actually is. But if we keep looking only at the white part, which depicts things which we have, it fills us with an inner peace". This life avowing positive energy is vital to permeate our body, soul and mind and usher in serenity and tranquility. This attitude towards life will greatly help in transforming us by instigating our latent forces.

What is the driving force in our lives? What are we passionate about? What interests us? These are unsettling questions to which we need to find the answers. To take something we need to part with something else. When we do things with passion, we give more freely. You cannot give things with a clenched fist. The moment you open it and give, you will able to receive something else in return also. By giving more we will be able to find a cause where we can make a difference. Being passionate in whatever we are doing is very important for unleashing the potential. Passion elicits the latent forces in us in a concerted manner.

Ego is one deterrent to truly realizing our potential. It vitiates our thinking prowess and we end up becoming someone whom we are not. Let us shrug off these nihilistic and negativistic attitudes and let us embrace what life has to offer us with ebullience. To stand before the mighty ocean and realize its vastness is often an ego shattering experience for many. In comparison to its enormity, the feeling that "we are just insipid beings" always seeps in. "Give up your drop and become part of the ocean". We find it hard to drop the drop and thus fail to develop fully and experience the power of oneness and true freedom. This kind of reflection helps us to realize that the truth that real power lies within us. It also helps in Brandishing our "Positive Pride" which is instrumental in unleashing ourselves and our potential within.

Finally, to unleash our potential our body, mind and soul should resonate in harmony. Do everything to propitiate a balanced life. The soul can be nourished through meditation, prayers and good deeds. The intellect can be titillated through reading and engaging in constructive thinking. The body can be fine tuned through regular exercises and an opportune diet. The synergy of mind, body and soul is very much required for a person to function with right attitude, right spirit and fitness. This paves the way for a holistic living which finally leads to unlocking our true potential.

The legendary Henry Ford once said "There is no man living who is not capable of doing more than he thinks he can do"

The key is with us. Why don't we try unlocking our potential?

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