We, being human, have our respective deficiencies and we all agree that any aim at perfection is irrational and it may also remain a dream unfulfilled. An average man is ridden with weaknesses. For that matter, perfection for him is a remote prospect. The majority of us prefer a compromise somewhere at some point. It may also be true that not so many may chase the ideal of perfection. We come to terms with the reality even before the first shot is fired. Life has become a process of acceptance almost at all levels. We dream in a great profusion in the early youth, but each dream fades. It is a life full of drudgery but none of us do lodge a complaint and drag our feet all along.

There are also who argue that the ambition for perfection is a great disorder. If we devote each of our minutes to further the ideal of perfection, only an unending struggle remains for us.

We attempt at cultivating a personality of our choice and we try to develop in us several traits and each moment there is a return to the person which we have been earlier. We accept a Guru and we try to emulate some personality of which we have read earlier. But changes do stop occurring and we find ourselves in the same old mould. Why can't we be some one else? Should our evolution stop here? We cherish an ideal and to our dejection that we are a dismal failure.

Tennyson's Ulysses emphasizes repeatedly that there is no question of calling it a day and resting the limbs by the fire side and Life should move on with one experience after the other. Ulysses does not rule out the possibility of their meeting with death in their quest for new experiences and they may have to make their voyage till the end. The Greek hero has already made noteworthy achievements in the war-field, but no human achievement is ultimate. The battle goes on and what has been achieved earlier should be perfected. We can not make a plea for rest showing old age as the pretext.

Stories of fight for the ultimate are many in literature. There however is never an assurance of deriving the final satisfaction. Man is always like that seeking to find and declaring that he will not yield to the natural forces. If we realize one goal, yet another target is ready and it is an unending story for us. There is one more activity ready, demanding some more struggle. Life should be like that in the ultimate conclusion and really great are those few people who die in their boots,stating that the time for rest has not come.Do we belong to their clan,to be sure?

About Author / Additional Info:
The Author is a Retired Principal and he now works as a Guest Lecturer in English at Colleges in Khammam,AP.