Life is a journey, a journey that takes you through the present to the future. Along the road of life, you have to make so many decisions, regarding your present and future. A wise decision can change your life and at the same time one wrong decision can spoil your life. There are some decisions that make us regret later on. If you consider all of those decisions that you think were wrong, you would find that majority of these decisions were impulsive.

Impulsive decisions most of the time make you do the wrong thing. Sometime it makes a trifle matter so huge that you have never imagined. For example, reacting too fast out of anger can create a huge relationship problem with your friend or partner. You would find that a little issue turns out to a bigger one out of nothing, but your impulsive attitude or response.

Personal and professional life

Not only in your personal life but also in your professional life this impulsive decision making tendency could create problems. In order to choose your career options or in case of shifting your career path never get influenced by your emotions, rather think rationally and logically. Never get influenced by your emotions too much because when you think emotionally many of the flaws would be over-looked by yourself. Most of the impulsive decisions rotate around some narrow minded thoughts. And that convinces you to make wrong decisions very often.

Emotions and impulsive decisions

There are some problems (may be professional or personal) which can be solved very easily if you think quietly. When you think calmly you would consider all of the facts, which should be considered. On the contrary, when you are impulsive, you judgment are often get influenced by some lame logics dominated by your sentiments mostly. And as we all know emotions never follow the logic rather irrational most of the time so I might lead you toward the wrong path. It is not that emotion is bad or getting emotional is bad, but making decisions out of your emotional feeling is alarming because it can make your life complicated.

Teenage impulsiveness

Teenagers often take impulsive decisions based on desires and not needs. Impulsivity is real dangerous during teen years. Discuss about this matter with your teenager child. Sometimes let him take his own decision. Never impose your decisions on them rather guide them, so that they can take the right decision. Remember you will not be able to guide him throughout his life. Share the stories of your impulsive decision making that made you regret. It will help them to realize how unpleasant life can be just because of some wrong decisions.

It does not mean, all of the anti-impulsive decisions are hundred percent correct and all the impulsive decisions are inaccurate. It is just that, anti-impulsive decisions are more possibly would be satisfactory decisions in the long run as you would take it on your full conscience. So never take any decision while you are impetuous. Try to control your impulsivity, take some time, and then move forward.

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