There is no definite recipe for success. But if we closely look at people who have tasted success, we realize that there is one thing which is common to all of them. They all possess a winning edge. It is nothing but a set of characteristic traits, which through nurturing evolves into an attitude. The attitude, which is developed consciously, reflects in our behaviour which ultimately takes us towards success. The 3 vital traits which are essential to develop the winning edge are Determination, Passion and Commitment.

Determination - it is that never-say-die attitude which helps us to realize even our distant dreams. No one expected Sri Lanka, the minnows at that time, to win the 1996 World Cup Cricket Tournament. But they have shown, as a team, what determination and commitment is all about. There are no ideal circumstances in life. There never will be. To reach anywhere we cannot just drift or lie at anchor. We need to sometimes sail with the wind and sometimes against it. But sail we must. Through determination we can sail past the tribulations in life.

Passion - it is the enthusiasm, the mentality to give our 100% to do things which are close to our hearts. Passion is the fire in us that propels us to excellence. Beethoven, one of the greatest composers the world has even seen was deaf. But he still managed to come out with mesmerizing music which bewildered the entire world. When asked how he was able to do it, he said that his unrelenting passion for music has enabled him to sense it through his entire body. His body was like a resonating chamber which made it possible for him to differentiate between the various intonations. That is passion! When we are totally in sync with our deeds, it exudes a rare fragrance.

Commitment - is all about dedication. It is the ability to stick on, even during the hardest times. It is the mentality to stick to the given objectives, irrespective of the misgivings. Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela are embodiments of committed souls. And to them, always duty comes first.

There is nothing in this world that cannot be bettered or improved. As we strive towards excellence, we will naturally gravitate close towards success. The winning horse in a race wins 5 to 1 or 10 to 1. But that does not mean that the horse is 5 or 10 times faster than the other horses. The horse may have won by fraction of a second but the reward is 5 or 10 times bigger. The same is true with our lives. Successful people are not 10 times smarter than the ones who fail. They may just be a notch better. But the rewards are always greater and bigger. We do not need to improve 100 % in one particular area. All we need to do is to improve 1 % in 100 different areas, which is lot easier.

That is the winning edge!

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