Often these days we see that social networking has got upon today youths. Most of their time are spent on Facebook and other sites. Me too, belonging in the same age group can understand it better. This article is not to give the definitions of young and to tell that they are pillars of nation and all. everybody is hearing (not listening) from the very beginning. Today if there is any campaign they are being publicized on Facebook and what youngsters do is to like and share or create a page thinking that in this way they are taking a step towards awakening people and they are doing it for their country.

Could a country progress in such a way. I appeal to the youngsters just take a step ahead dude.. Lead the people with an example. your small actions participate in the development of country. Kep your society hygienic and clean. Don't pollute the atmosphere, Plant trees, feed the poor, educate the uneducated. Just by liking a page on Facebook and abusing politicians and discussing that the country is going to ruins wont help. You have to step forward and face the problems and eradicate it. Being a mariner, I have visited many countries and the zeal i saw in them, I'm sorry to say but our people lack that. I don't say that we don't have that potential or we cant do it, we cud definitely do it but abusing the politics and politicians with a cup of tea in one hand and newspaper in another wont help. It is a known fact that whenever there is a change, its never easy. You have to struggle, you have to fight. often time will come when you will lose hope but you should not stop. Each one just help one. See how it improvises your society. i have done this, so i can bet if you all people take a step forward nothing is impossible. i helped 2-3 poor boys study, I bought them books and stationary. when you see them happy, it gives you a real satisfaction. i felt i did something productive. Once again i appeal to you that if u can improve your locality, u are making a small contribution to improve your country.

You need not fight wars, go on borders to serve your country. Liking a page to kill Ajmal Kasab, to fight corruption, eliminate congress would do nothing except wasting your precious time.
There is still time, youths can write the destiny of nation. Awaken yourself youngsters, show the government -the power of youth. how long you will wait for the government to take every single step. Government is sleeping. Let them sleep and when elections come make them sleep forever. According to me, "Youth is that spark which needs no ignition". Youth is that clay which can be molded in either shape one wants. In my belief, this is the sole reason for both exploitation and utilization of youth in the destruction and construction of any nation respectively. Let it utilize itself for the constructive purpose.

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