David Beckham, once Captain of the English football team, is one of the most prized and sought after player in the European League. He has never been the top scorer but still teams vie with each other to make him their own. The reason is David Beckham has got the uncanny knack to set up goals. He is someone who has mastered the Art of Delegation. He is able to perceive the larger dimension of his role, as a captain, and delegate his responsibilities to competent individuals who can do the job with panache. The end result is a goal and most likely a win for the team.

The Art of Delegation is simply breaking a job into workable components and entrusting the same to a group of competent individuals who cohesively completes the work. It is also part of Time Management. Effective delegation always helps in reducing the process time and elicits the collective brilliance, which is tantamount to the functioning of a well oiled machine.

Delegation is a key management skill without which the results we can achieve will always be limited. Those who are bad in delegating usually displease their staff, colleagues, customers and their superiors. But most significantly they make themselves unhappy by working longer hours for meagre results. It is a skill which needs to be practiced often to get the right results. The tenets of effective delegation comprises of 2 very important things namely what we are delegating and to whom we are delegating. Allotting the right work to the right talent always results in effective delegation.

There is lot to be learnt from nature. The entire microcosm of activities happening around us has got a profound ramification in maintaining the cosmic equilibrium. The quintessential example for effective delegation can be witnessed in Termites. Termites live in colonies, which number from several hundreds to several million individuals. They are the prime example of decentralised, self organised and effectively delegated systems. The colony consists of "Workers", who does the labour, the "Queen" who is primarily responsible for the expansion of the colony and the "Soldiers" who protects the queen. Each individual is assigned a specific task which is carried out with lot of zest and commitment. A colony of termite is capable of creating a mound over 30 feet high.

Delegation is a wonderful tool which can be used to enhance our personal effectiveness. It is a pre-requisite for streamlining our work schedule. By delegating we are creating opportunities for others to augment their repertoire of knowledge and create vistas for personal growth. By delegation, one trains and motivates the team to realise its full potential.

No person will do great in business, if he wants to do it all by himself. Learn the Art of Delegation to create a responsible and competent team which resonates in unison to take the organisation to glory.

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