Meditation is being aware of each and every moment of your life. It is about tuning your mind inwards and knowing more about yourself than the world in which you live in. It creates in you a rare prerogative to watch your mind as a spectator rather than being in the midst of its ubiquitous vacillations.

It is said that you reach a stage of mental inactivity or a state of "thoughtlessness" when you fathom the realms of you mind with meditation. It makes you forget your surroundings and reach a state of eternal bliss where your soul, mind and body reverberates in unison and reaches a point of tranquility. Ramana Maharshi, an embodiment of enlightenment, used to indulge in deep meditation to understand the true "self". He is to be so engrossed in the act that he was oblivious to the numerous insect bites and gnawing made on his body. Weeds used to bedeck him and days of fasting rendered his body emaciated. Yet he used to exude a rare divinity and spirituality which has given solace and guidance to millions world over. The power of meditation makes you loose yourself in the act that ultimately there is no "you", only the act prevails.

Meditation is cathartic. It purgates your soul and cleanses your mind. It sharpens your intellectual prowess and helps you to think with an abundance of clarity. It helps you to emanate a rare fragrance of mysticism which will pervade each and every soul in your proximity.

There are many forms of meditation which helps us to structure our thoughts and make the mind idle. Bhagawan Rajaneesh ( Osho ) used to illustrate a simple technique of meditation in which he encourages the person to act as a mere spectator to his mind. The thoughts that emanate from the mind should not affect us and we too should not try to pacify the onslought of thoughts. Very soon , we will be able to extend the gap between 2 recurring thoughts. That gap, where we coalesce with the wonderful state of thoutlessness is meditation. There is one more powerful technique which i personally follow.

Imagine yourself seated in padmasana on the banks of a river. On the other bank , visualise a tree embellished with green leaves. The water flows before you serenely. If you listen closely you can hear your heart beat in sync with the flowing river. A gentle breeze blows across and you can see the tree leaves giggling with hapiness. Precisely at this moment , a leaf breaks free from a branch and starts falling down towards the flowing river. It slowly sways , swrils and floats in the wind. Letting itself to be cajoled by the soothing wind. Playing with it , conversing with it and dancing to its thythmic candence. Then it slowly places itself on the water and moves along with the slow curent to......eternity. The leaf ultimately becomes you, the current becomes you and the mind becomes you. Calm and tranquil.

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