It is in our heart what we see in other people. Our heart whatever feels that only we feel about others. The ways we think or feel inside, we want to see the world around us like that. What is inside us, the whole world becomes that way in front of us. One may say that our heart has a mirror in it with a strong reflective effect. If a person is simple inside, for him/her the whole world seems to be very simple. That person will not understand complicacies because his/her heart is not familiar to that. The life will come as very simple and enjoyable for that person. He/she is attracting those effortless and enjoyable vibrations only, from the universe.

If we have not read one particular book we don't know what is inside. We have to simply read and understand the book to comment on the same. After we understand it we can say a lot about the different prospective about the subject. So to understand a particular situation we have to experience or at least feel it thoroughly as much as possible. From the starting we remember some incidences in our lives and the feelings of that particular moment remain in our memory. So whenever in present, a similar situation crops up, we apply those past memory and if it was good we feel good and if it was bad then we try to avoid it if possible. But in truth, the present experience may be different from that of the past. Life brings many similar occasions to our lives repeatedly. For instance, sometimes if we are meeting someone for the first time in our life, even the other person is quite aware of that, but both of us may feel like we know each other from a long time. This new person may be familiar with some one closer to us. Though at that particular moment we could not place the similarity and felt like that. Let us take another similar example; we are visiting some place for the first time in our life and we feel that we have been to that place earlier, which is not true. It is actually some similarity in the journey or in other circumstances which give us that feel.

There is nothing bad and good, nothing right or wrong in this world. It is the relative perception of that person who is speaking about the subject. The world and the situations as well as the experiences shape our individual opinion about the good or bad definitions and any other subject matter. Life itself has so many different meaning for different people. Our very existence is nothing but only feelings. Everything that we feel and experience is what we call as our life. And as long as the process of feeling and experiencing goes on we are living in this wonderful world.
Life is all about the experiences and feelings we have and reciprocate with expressions. The world again is nothing but how we experience it and react to those feelings. Basically the early experiences of our childhood create the foundation of our future life. If one is confident from the childhood then life becomes little easier and one should try to take life as it comes. Every moment of life teaches us and prepares us for our future. We can make our life worth living by cherishing all the experiences and feelings without judging whether it's good or bad. If one can become neutral with everything then world as a whole and life becomes very simple to live on. As a day unfolds in our life we should try to grow and strive for continuous progress in whatever constructive goal we aim for.

Sometimes life presents in front of us something unexpected, and then we should realize that it's the destiny as we had not planned for the same and take it as a blessing and in that process we should never judge and react as per our ordinary perception of bad/good, right/wrong etc etc. Yes, one may think that it's easier to write then to actually going through a bad/wrong situation and take it as blessing. But everything in this world is possible with little effort from our end if we try to change for a better life and get convinced with the idea. Then changing our thought process is just a matter of time. One may try to change the mindset with a persistent awareness process. Practically on a lighter note, one may try to experience any little so called bad/wrong situation with a positive attitude and see, feel or experience the vast change of possibilities. But for that, one has to have a positive open mind with an aptitude to rationally think about the world of many prospects.

Another important thing is the patience to wait for surprise that may be in store for us. A negative incident or event may also have some very exciting and positive consequence in store for the one with greatest level of patience. It's only the question of time that may unfold slowly the result of some pessimistic event as very encouraging and exciting corollary which one might not have considered even in wildest reverie. A further necessity is the trust and faith about the fact that everything that happens has a greater reason then our very existence. It does not matter whether the incident is good/bad or right/wrong but every cause has a much greater motive and effect in the lives of the people concerned then they can even think. Generally people do not have the required mind and time to reflect about all big-small proceedings in their lives. People now a day just believe in a fast life. They even do not prefer to think much about their activities and their focus is usually set in some materialistic goal. Here it is not denied that there are lots of people who prioritize in achieving more superior as well as meaningful and spiritually motivated goal in this world but they are too less compared to the general people.

So it may be easy for us to go towards a more meaningful and positive life with little step at a time with full awareness of our intentions. A world with infinite prospects is waiting for all of us who wants to live life to the fullest. So let us try to shine our mirror inside for the most glittering future. This write up is not conclusive and rather a seed of more in-depth study with immense possibilities ahead.

About Author / Additional Info:
World and our life has been created with a inbuilt mirror with exact and equal reflective aspect. So let us polish out mirror inside our heart to be in its glittering best for the brightest possible future ahead.