Sun tanned skin can be dangerous at times as it could cause various health problems for the person. Other than this, the person will also not be looking good. There are many people who have been tanned, who look to try and treat the sun tan that they have. Though there are millions of people all over the world who sit in the sun and have a sun bath to try and get their skin tanned, many more are trying to remove the tan from their skin. These people are trying to remove the dark skin and are trying to have lighter skin on their face.

There are several methods of treating the sun tanned skin and they are listed here.

1. Avoid exposure:

The first step that a person needs to take in the process of preventing tan to the skin is to avoid the occurrence of further exposure to the sun. This will help in preventing further damage to the skin. Any person who is involved in the process of tanning may be overexposed. Covering oneself when going out in the sun will prevent further exposure and reduce the tan to an extent.

2. Sunscreen:

The person who is going out in the sun for various reasons and would like to avoid the tan should use sunscreen to protect the skin from being exposed to the various rays and components of the sun's rays. This will also help the person to be able to prevent and also overcome the sun tan.

3. Scrub face:

The face or any area that has got the tan excessively should be washed with plain water very frequently. This will help the person to be able to avoid the tan on the skin. Other than the use of plain water, the person can also use various other things to wash and scrub the face. The common things that can be used include substances like lemon juice or glycerin. When these are left on the face for a time of about two minutes and then washed off the face, it will be easy to remove the tan that is on the skin.

4. Face packs:

There are various face packs that will help to cool the skin and also remove the tan. Some of the face packs are left for a time of about 30 minutes. There are different kinds of things that are used in the face packs. Some of the things that can be used include those like Potato juice, mud and also other substances. This will help to lighten the skin on the face. The use of Vitamin C will also help to improve the skin surface. The tan that is on the skin will go just as all the blemishes on the skin disappear.

5. Other substances:

There are various other substances that are very useful in the process of removing the tan from the skin. The use of water that is got from boiling cabbage leaves will help to remove the tan, when used over a period of time. Other than this, cider vinegar will also be useful in removing the tan. The vinegar has an acidic nature. When the vinegar is applied on the face, it will remove the skin by making it peel off to a small extent. This will also help in lightening the skin and removing the sun tan.

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